I did it! Not intentionally, but I did it none the less, haha!

Had a bad dream about going into a tunnel via handcar where people were starved during the holocaust. Loads of dead bodies, very unpleasant, could even smell a really unpleasant smell. I'm glad to not know what a dead human really smells like, I imagine it smells a lot worse than what I smelled. The images of the dead bodies and rotting flesh are usually quite vivid. I think these dreams may be caused simply because my brain is trying to create really vivid stuff.

So, I got up after that dream, had a piss, then went back to bed because I felt tired still.

My dream starts off with me messing about on CS:GO, trying to join a friend via the menu. It really is strange how everything about the dream is just focused on the screen when I dream about stuff on computers. I literally remember nothing else. I connect to the server, and find myself in a stairway of some public building, dressed in combat gear. I'm in all black, so I'm a counterterrorist. I see people in orange jumpsuits around me, I figure they're hostages or otherwise VIPs, despite looking a suspicious amount like inmates. I go up the stairs into a lobby. The place reminds me of an airport in the Philipines. I see a suprising amount of movement outside, which is what triggered lucidity. Everything just seemed too real, and in CS, there are never people outside of the map. So somewhere around where I muzzlesweep this woman, I gain lucidity. I walk outside, and a nice wave of humidity hits me, but I don't think of it as immediately warm, as it usually is in the Philipines. I run down a hill to a road. I cross the road and spot a motorcycle. Fuck yes, I think, and run for it. It vanishes. I see a car on the road. It looks like a strangely slim GT-R. I consider "force pulling" it towards me, but I decide to just catch up with it, which I can't seem to do, I just follow it. After realizing that "hey, I don't really need to get into that car to enjoy the road", I realize that I'm starting to wake up, and that I can't do much about it. So, I just look down at the asphalt until I wake up. I can remember hearing a ringing in my ears as I started waking up.