Been filling myself with lucid dreaming devices, reading about it on internet forums,been listening to Valis audiobook from Philip K. Dick, apart of all Mckenna stuff. Been napping with earphones on, playing those frequencies of whatever hz. Been having irregular hours of sleep. Read recently of incubus/succubus. Had this lucid experience by 6 am,about 5 minutes long, very brief. I reached my hands to a perfect naked female body, directly to its intimate parts, and the body responded, embracing me. Next thing was the lucidity: I remembered that body of some girl in the past, and as by then, I wanted to see its face and kiss her. It was not possible then, so not possible in the dream also. The face was somewhat blur, it was not possible to see it. By now I was grasping the nature of the situation, it was a dream. Nevertheless, in the dream I accepted it was real, it never ocurred to me a thought like: "oh, this is a dream", my psyche I think is still too mechanical in that realm, because it is that way here in the waking world also. I remembered about incubus/succubus and thought it would drain me and my jing(this sound very idiotic and nuts, but still it is not nice to have a polution). I pushed the girl aside, this motion actually increased the reality of the dream, because I could really feel the touch of the body in my hands and the body reacted coming even closer. It was VERY real. I had a hard on then. Now I was really afraid of getting off(I have this gnostic belief-system of retention). But then the dream faded, due to my willingness and also to my frigthenness. I ended up in a limbo, all black. I think this is the place of fear. I think I heard voices there, can't be sure. I was very lucid there, remembering the experience with details. I think in that place thoughts are much faster. It is probably a place of adrenenaline. Didn't stay there for too long, since the next thing to happen was I woke up. Still with my eyes shut though, I started hallucinating, seein this sketches of houses, with the drawing lines with neon lights of pink and green. This is probably due to the DMT release needed to trigger the dream images I was having just before. These sketches were moving and changing, they were cool and I would stare at them for some time but I was still startled by the dream and with a hard on, so I had to open my eyes to really wake up and it faded. The interesting thing anout all of this is I wanted to write about it (this intention came when I was in that limbo/void place), and was afraid that it would fade from my memory. I was also lazy and thinking the effort of writing it wouldn't be worth it. I got back to sleep than. But by the time I woke up, six hours later(1pm) I still remembered the experience. I think that time in limbo gave me the fixation of the memory as a hole and also the intention to write it down. Also, I think, the knowledge that there are more people into this kind of interest made my unconscious more vivid and accessible and my consciousness more courageous and interested in this crazy matters. It is a chance to communicate to others. I got rid of a succubus' intent to drain me, and also could remember everything, it is a reason to be glad of myself.