I'll mostly only post dreams where I asked myself a question, but usually they are spur of the moment and not too interesting.

In this dream I was walking in town near a high school parking lot, going down main street. I was accompanied by the cast of the Matrix, Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo. I stopped a few hundred feet down the middle of main with Trinity and Neo behind me, and Morpheus standing on the sidewalk. I asked him "What does my sub-conscious look like?" and he turned and looked toward one of the houses. We were caddy corner to the house so you could clearly see the back yard and the large in-ground pool. He points to the pool and says that "This is what it looks like." While innumerable black and white scenes played on the surface of the water lighting up the night. The last thing I remember is looking up towards the sky and seeing the light play off the gray clouds.