One odd re-occurring dream I have is post-flood or rainstorm. Where I live we have two large ponds fully stocked with fish, and in the dream the fish have been flooded out of the ponds and now reside in quickly drying pools and puddles. I was at the top of my drive-way, up hill from the ponds in a small boat. Underneath the water rose a large fish that rocked the boat, and quickly shot down the hill. The fish was around 8ft in length and had enough momentum to travel from this isolated pool all the way to the ponds down the hill via mud chutes. Then the fish would rocket back up the hill the same way and come to rest back in the pool. The fish took the form of a small dragon and came up unto the shore, paying me very little attention. I asked the 'dragon' "Do you have any ancient knowledge." And the dragon scoffed. He went on to tell me how humans poison the waters and kill the fish (extremely shortened version.) And he began to attack me, not necessarily harmful just out of frustration. While trying to overpower him I yelled "We're humans and you're f***ing fish, we can do as we please!" That's all I remember.