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      Question did i just went from LD to astral projection ?

      hi guys, in this last 3 weeks i've been a lot into sleep paralysis, LD and astral projection. i did a lot of research and i'm completly new at it, i didn't even knew that such things existed.. i've been trying to induce sleep paralysis but whithout any results, i did manage to do a reality check in a dreamm ( counted my finger ) and when i realized i was dreaming i just waked up in my bed.. and its funny because i was actualy explaining to someone what were reality checks while i was dreaming.

      3 days ago in the morning, i tryed to induce SP twice when i was still sleepy, and i did it twice in a roll.. and i figured that for me to have a SP i needed to fall asleep without moving then u would juste imiedatly wake up in sleep paralysis with a biiiig buzing noize and vibration feeling.. the first time was about a few seconds and the second time were about a minute, but i was waaay to exited and WTF to do anything from there.. after that i woke up, eated breakfest, then i noticed i was stil a little sleepy and i went to bed to try to induce a SP.. without noticing it i was sleeping, but this dream felt a lot diferent from my normal dreams and it was much more realistic. i was laying in the same position, same bed and in the same room that when i fell assleep, but there were a ex girlfriend of mine who were sitted in front of me with a weird haircutt talking to me trying to show me someting on her laptop and i was like whatever im triyng to induce sleep paralysis, i wasnt paying her a lot of attention, then she get closed and i was like " sigh " i do wana have sex ( in real life when we see eachother at a party at night if we are both single we usually end up to have sex ). back to the dream, i was starting to grab her ass then i woke up and realzed i just had the most realstic dream ever..

      sorry for all this text about previous experiences but now i'll get to the point of my thread :

      in the mornig i usually wake up and go back to sleep a lot ( when i have nothing to do later ), and this morning while i was still in bed i thought why not try to induce SP ( felling a little sleepy ), i lay on my back, didnt moved and starded to fall asleep slowly.. trying to inducing SP i went into a dream ( who looked like a bit like if it was the continuation of the previous dreams i had in the same morning ) but it started like this, and this is when it started to be intersting :

      i was like with some friends inside a house i guess because there were rooms, and i guess i just had met some guy because one of my friends was saying to me " hey u should keep this guy number because wtv " and i told him <why would i do that, usually the people i meet in my dreams dont even exist in real life, so whats the point> ( but i wasnt lucid yet even in the dream i knew i was dreaming ), then i walk away from my firends and the were like < ahah dude u're tripping >, and i was like < no realy, i have some messed up dreams>. then i went to a bathroom, close the door and then i thougt, since im dreamin, shouldn't i be able to do wtf i want ( tryng to think something to do ), theeeen i become lucid i thought FUCK IM ACTUALLY DREAMING ( but in french ahah ) and then i dont know why but i let myself fall backwards very slowly while my vision started to go black.. then i started to feel my self in my bed, were i was falling and the vibrations and bzzing noize became very intense, AND THEN !!! i dont know what the fuck happened, but i was laying in sleep paralysis after falling in my lucid dream, and with a super intense vibration and busing noise while im shure i were in the real world my body started to go up but in diagonal, like my head was pretty high and my feet on my bed, laying in the air, and i couldnt move, i was complety blocked in the air in diagonal, ah and i didnt mencioned it bue while i was starting to go up my vision come back even though i had my eyes closed ) then i was just scared as shit up there without be able to do anything, and the vibrations started to go away and i was back in my bed..


      WHAT WAS THAT ?? this was the strangest thing i ever experienced, was i experiencing a first stage of astral projection ?? i hope u'll see this because i'm shure freaking out, this was so real.

      ps : sorry for my bad english and for the long text, i hope i'll get some feed back, i would love to read what do you thing about what happened to me and if you already experienced the same thing..

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      That was definitely an out of body experience. I have experienced the same sort of thing- woke up from a lucid dream and drifted back off, only to hear buzzing noises and feeling vibrations. I admit I was a bit scared to astral project at the time, so I forced myself to wake up. Oh how I regret that now! It was the closest I ever was to an out of body experience.

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      Sleep Paralysis is a phenomenon that occurs when we fall into REM sleep, which is the sleep where we experience dreams. Our entire body except for our eyes and other certain muscles are completely paralyzed. You can experience it consciously when you enter REM without losing consciousness. This is usually referred to as experiencing sleep paralysis.

      For the first thing, you had a false awakening. They are very common with people who are trying to WILD, especially if they're prone to a sleep paralysis of some sort. They're so vivid because there isn't a very large drop in conscious awareness when you get into them. Just apparent complete failure to remember the fact that you were falling asleep a moment ago.

      What you had is an outside body experience. It is also referred to as astral projection. Don't misunderstand, AP and OBEs are basically just lucid dreams, entered in a specific way. Some might argue that lucid dreams are another form of AP/OBEs. The intense vibration/tinnitus is because you are cut off from your sensory organs in real life. It's basically the static you'd get on TV in the 90's when you had no reception, but in your body. It's very characteristic of sleep paralysis. If you don't concentrate on it it tends to not be so intense that it distracts you. I find that the only reason it increases so much is because you are thinking about it so much, kind of like it's on a positive-feedback loop. OBEs and AP are extremely vivid since there is a very low drop of your conscious awareness level when you are transitioning between different states (Brain waves, and sleep states).

      I'll give you both a scientific explanation and an "Astral" explanation for the second time.

      For the second time, becoming lucid through DILD shocked you so much that you became aware of your real body, (since you must have thought of it strongly). That threw you into some sort of sleep paralysis which made you able to feel your body, but not the exact position of it. You must have been pretty deep in REM for the hallucinations to be so strong, but it is not uncommon to experience intense hallucinations that are laid over what's left of your senses when you're experiencing sleep paralysis. The reason you couldn't move is because you were trying to make your physical body move. If you were trying to make your dream body move exclusively you would have been able to break free into the dream. This is a more of a feel thing that you will understand more the more you WILD.

      I'll start relating your experience to an astral projection. You were already walking around in a different astral plane where you realized that you aren't in your physical body (Becoming lucid). We always have some sort of connection to our real bodies, that's how our astral selves always find it easy to return, especially when we're completely lucid. If you check, you usually find an astral string that is connected from a part of you, usually the base of your neck or behind your head connected to something. It leads to your physical body. When you became lucid, you started thinking of your physical body and that drew you to it. When you snapped back, you were inside your body. But your astral "frequency" (the frequency of the vibrations) were still at a higher level than the physical realm. You always feel them in sleep paralysis, they are the intense vibrations you feel. You can also feel them in dreams if you concentrate on it. As you were floating back into the astral realm, your frequency started increasing to the plane you were entering, that's why the vibrations started becoming more and more intense. You must have stopped because your astral self wasn't prepared to leave again, since it was all new and confusing to you. Next time try a WBTB and pre-meditated WILD, and find out ways to calm your nerves and adrenaline and stop your excitement. Excitement is good, but too much can be bad and it'll keep you attached to your physical body.

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