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      Recent lucid dreams...

      So I haven't been on here for probably nearly a year, but in the last few months I have had a lot, and I mean a lot of naturally occurring lucid dreams. My latest one was 2 nights ago, where I actually had 2 in the same night, the first one I was talking to my friend who got sent down for killing someone in my dream, and then I looked at the sky when I was walking home and thought it looked odd, then I thought 'Oh shit I'm dreaming again', and looked at my hand and had 7 fingers and then went onto my phone and tried sending someone a message, my phone was the same but the FB layout was totally different, then I closed my eyes and woke up, probably lasted 20 seconds unfortunately. The second one, I was chilling with these guys I didn't know and he told me to go into the basement to get something, now I walked down into the basement and there was light in the basement, it was really old and it was like a huge warehouse and I was thinking, where is this light coming from? as there was no lights on and there was no windows, and was also thinking how is it so big? Then I thought I'm dreaming again, looked at my hand and saw 7 fingers again (I see the same exact hand everytime I look at it in ALL my lucid dreams, it has my normal hand then 2 small half sized fingers), then I closed my eyes (as I ALWAYS do when trying to make something appear in a lucid dream, not sure if you need to do this) and said 'Get some people here', just testing it out and then I open my eyes and there was 3 or 4 people standing in front of me, and then I walked over to them and said 'No no get some full grown people here' as most of the people were either small or little kids for some reason? But then as I said that I could feel myself awakening and tried opening my eyes a bit hoping I was still in the dream and bang, I was back to real life ha, but yeah I'm getting a lot better at these.

      I think I have about 1 or 2 lucid dreams a week just naturally occurring, the first one I can remember having this year was black and white, it was a false awakening and I got up, it was black and white I thought it was just still night time, then turned my light on and it didn't work, so I got my torch that is in my room and it provided about 5% of the light it normally does, then I thought 'What is going on' and I thought I was dreaming, so I look at my hand and I had 7 fingers and it nearly made me have a heart attack and my hand starting going all fuzzy and I was fading out, so I've gone from having lucid dreams for 2-3 seconds, to having them for 30 seconds in the space of 4 months naturally so I don't think that is to bad.

      On the next one I have, I'm going to stay as calm as possible after becoming lucid, also does this happen to everyone else, in all my lucid dreams I feel absolutely no different from real life, I can feel wind blowing, I can feel all sensations, I can feel cold, hot, the only difference is that I pretty much don't feel any pain.

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      Congrats on the lucid! I would love to be able to naturally lucid dream! I am the same when looking at my hand in a lucid dream, usually I have a few more fingers than usual, other times my hand has just been a fuzzy blur and other times my fingers have been importunately sized. I haven't had much luck with summoning things yet.. might try your method in my next lucid, (whenever that is lol)

      Also, funny you should mention it but in last nights lucid I was in a shop, (I generally always become lucid when I am there).. I walked through the closed door and emerged on the street.. and the difference in temperature was startling! It's the first time I have experienced this in a dream.. it was freezing and I could even see some flakes of snow in the air..

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