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      I had a weird dream last night, quite vivid.

      I was in a stadium, with robot testing, sophisticated android and artificial intelligence works, and it was high-tech, run by business people, and I was one of the techies in charge of tech supplies. Turned out there was a thief going around stealing the containers of components, which were in big cases, but other things like instructional manuals were in sealed bags.

      During the testing, almost like some robot battle arena, I spotted a guy taking the bags and containers, which were placed on the sides of each row of seats. Each row was a group from each quarter of a corporation, where I was in one of the rows with some old employees I worked with in a tech support job I had. I had to run out, and empty the van the thief was using, which was physically exhausting. Then he would drive off. He had other supplies stolen too, but I was unable to get everything except for our stuff.

      I kept running into him a few times, unable to stop him the next time. So, I was told to go on a mission, to find the guy and report back. I was also told not to approach the van, or go near the guy, but to report its location. I met up with the thief's van later, and "hacked" it open (it was an old van, so hacking it was weird). He was parked in the main parking lot in the back, which was hidden by buildings that boxed it in, so it felt more like a back alley, but faced a main route. There was one or two dumpsters there.

      This is where I should have reported it, but something felt like this guy would be a fun challenge to mess with. The guy was probably slightly younger than me, maybe 18. I took a few game console supplies, and he came buy. He came by, and saw me. He approached me, and said "I like those things, worked hard to steal them" Then I was like "oh yeah? Awesome. They're mine now." and then walked away with a swagger. I knew this was only a dream, and everything I did I was in control of. Past the point where I ran out to the van, I was in control of my actions, and the dream.

      The dream was quite streamlined too, though I didn't need to greatly control the location or anything, all the thoughts poured in naturally. I felt no need to control the area, as with most of my lucid dreams, because moving through these dreams with full awareness was more interesting. I was expecting the land to shift, like one of my other dreams, but it stayed very sound. It felt like I was in a real place.

      When I found the guy, I hung out with him later. Turned out he fought in Pig hunting competitions (like cock fighting I guess, but more of like a person up against some mutant pig). He assumed I couldn't get a pig, since they were massive pigs, about 1/3 my height. Turned into something out of Zelda with the Goats in Twilight Princess, where I would grab one, and toss it. I was actually throwing them too, with a bit of weight and struggle to them. The skin, and everything, I could touch and feel... the little hairs, and whatnot.

      The pigs just poofed in, appeared like they do in RPG games. If I was controlling what the dream did, that was likely what I was controlling... and I'd hold a stance in front of the pig, as it would charge me. This went on for a while, and I did a good number on getting used to throwing them around. The weight to them was pretty realistic, though perhaps they felt a tidbit lighter than they should have.

      Since they were mutant/demon pigs, it wasn't like I was harming real ones. Stupid as shit pigs though, because the guy turned the pig to face the wall, patted it's rear, and pointed. The pig would run right into the wall. Nothing too weird happened past that, and the guy let me take some of the meat with me.

      I woke up past that point, though I couldn't think of anything else to do. I was conflicted between reporting him or letting him go, which I believe I phoned my boss to not risk getting fired. The way it went down later was he was arrested, but had no idea it was me. He might've thought it was, but I didn't lead onto that.

      Overall, nothing too elaborate. Not as big as one of my dreams where a city I went through changed landscapes, like a beach appearing on a highway, and stuff like that. Although there was weird points where I was "hacking" into things, small parts.
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