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    Thread: Time Traveller's Puppy - Another Lucid Dream

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      Time Traveller's Puppy - Another Lucid Dream

      So this dream was an oddity, with many things going on... In my dream, I am taking an advance weapons tech course, with very large machine guns and magic (or science, however you want to view it). There is also a theater/media class which takes place in a stadium. I am in an academy, where elite academics take on extreme classes, possibly symbolic to my striving to work hard and get better at challenges.

      During my lunch break, with a random girl I study with, we come across a time traveler; he is wearing a purple tails suit, and a silky ruffled blouse. It is a borderline Willy Wonka-style outfit. He was also wearing a top hat, with a face closely described as Abe Lincoln's face, but more average, and a slight drop from fatigue.

      He brought with him a puppy, a chihuahua-looking dog with beagle markings. The puppy got lost, escaped from him. When we found the puppy, we already knew the puppy. The puppy was a paradox: born simultaneously in the current timeline, and the future where the time traveler came from. The puppy's name was Corporal. While the dog was already born, and belonged to, a person of that era, the Time Traveler had proof of buying the puppy in his timeline. The puppy was also never missing from the current era, but as soon as the time traveler came with the puppy into my timeline, the puppy no longer belonged to the previous owner, and the owner's memory of the puppy was non-existent. The Art teacher was the owner of the puppy in the timeline.

      Ironically enough, the puppy that escaped from the time traveler was with the Art teacher, and he (the Art Teacher) did not know the puppy, and wondered who the owner was. The puppy seemed to have a bladder problem, and pee'd on the floor lots.

      Knowing the puppy, Corporal, belonged to the time traveler, we also started to forget the puppy used to belong to the Art teacher. In all truths, my memory of the puppy belonging to the Art teacher was lost in my own lucid dream, but there was a nag in my head about the puppy belonging to someone else as well. So, with that nag in the back of my head, instead of allowing my dream to just hand the puppy over to the time traveler, we chained it up in a football field (with food, the puppy wasn't left out), and went to finish our classes.

      When I went to class, I went to an extra-credit "activity" class. Making animal hats with the Art teacher. In fact, this class became something else, where I was with my old group of friends from irl, and we crafted animal hats. Mine was probably a lion. The animal hats were just like the ones you can buy, with the scarves down the sides of your head, and sometimes with gloves or pockets on the ends.

      When time passed by, the class felt like a waste of time, but with my old friends, I started to forget about the puppy I was worried about. Everyone started to forget the puppy's name too, in fact I'm not even sure Corporal was the official name, but my memory of the dream is bringing up that name. So, even the Time Traveler forgot the puppy's name, and even forgot about the puppy being his. He was also a teacher of media-tech (some class made up in my dream) which involved inventions for performances. So he was looking into the Media class in the stadium, feeling like it was his class he should be teaching. He seemed to forget where he even came from.

      I almost forgot about the puppy, when I remembered I left it in the stadium. I probably would have ended the dream, or went elsewhere if this were not a lucid dream, but I went back to the football field knowing I had to bring the puppy to the Time Traveler before things got worse, because memories were being lost as the time passed by over this puppy. The puppy was fine, aside from peeing around the place he was chained, and was being harassed by "tormentor"-like entities, or wizards, perhaps they were people from the academy in robes... either way, the puppy was quite scared and shivering. I unchained the puppy, and brought it back to the Time Traveler.

      The Time Traveler looked at the puppy strangely, then memories started to return. The puppy's name was remembered (even though the name wasn't said, the traveler was like "oh yes! puppy!" kind of deal) and the traveler left. The puppy and the traveler vanished.

      Going back to the Art teacher, he was playing and petting the Corporal puppy, and was no longer forgetting who is puppy was. The puppy was also more energetic, wagging its tail and licking the Art teacher's face, whereas in the Time Traveler's hands the puppy seemed lonely, neglected, and sad. I have no idea how the two teachers connect, and why the puppy was lost and sad from the Time Traveler.

      They were the same dog, but in different paradoxes.
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      this is pretty intricate. I'll have to read it again. How long did it feel like it lasted?

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      Quote Originally Posted by jdrubnitz View Post
      this is pretty intricate. I'll have to read it again. How long did it feel like it lasted?
      I slept in really late that morning, but the dream itself took the time of an entire day-to-night scenario. So it was a full day in the dream itself. A bit of time skipped by past me when I was making animal hats, which I felt I might have shortened or just wanted to ignore it.

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