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      I need some help.

      Hello people that read this, I've been having this strange dream and I cannot comprihend why it happened as it happened, I will tell you how the dream went.

      I was with a group of pilgrims, the whole dream was purple, black and white from the start of the dream, the pilgrims stopped in the middle of a place in the woods and made a campfire, with the pilgrims there was a girl, she was riding a brown horse, the only thing, together with her in the orriginal colours we know and see, she had a black gown on and she wore a white lint in her hair, she had brown hair and it was curly, she had purple eyes and she had a very pale skin. We somehow started talking and after a while I kissed her, I saw this all in third person untill at some point in my dream it turned to first person again, there was an old wooden house and the girl asked me to follow her inside, it was all painted black and it appeared to be a house that hadn't seen people in ages, it was a big house with a fence around it and a massive front lawn and garden around it that seemed to be dying and decaying. The girl faded into the house and I followed her. I lost sight of the girl I loved and when I was inside the house the whole house was painted purple, black and white, like the rest of the dream, some sort of mist hanging inside the house, voices and screams filled the air but, I wasn't scared for some reason. I pressed on and walked up the staires to find a room with the door open, the voices came from there and when I entered the room, the girl was sitting there, she had no eyes and her mouth had no more teeth, she was non-theless staring into the mirror, when I came closer she said; "No. Don't come closer. Go away." in a screaming motion that sounded more like a panic attack then something else. I came closer anyway and when I turned the mirror around there was something in the mirror, something dark and evil and when I gazed at it, I was forced out of my dream and woke up.

      I don't know how I wad forced from my own dream and why I wasn't capable of saving the person I loved but I was afraid, I don't know the girl, I don't know why I loved her, I don't know who she was, what her name was and how I knew her. All I know is that in my dream I loved her and I was happy and I couldn't save her because I was forced out of the dream, can someone help me out? I'm pizzled by this and I need explaination. Someone? Please?

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      What an incredibly disturbing dream! Maybe she'll return and you'll have another chance, who knows? Don't get caught up in this one specific dream, though it sounds like it was powerfully significant for you. Focus on the parts that stand out to you. Reading this, the colors seem important, the duality between white and black along with purple, a color associated with royalty, power and spirituality. I usually note a dream is interesting due to animals, like the horse she rides upon. It also stands out that she asked you to join her, then tells you to leave when you draw nearer. The most clear sign seems to be related to life (pilgrims - religion, kissing, fire) and death (the house, the mirror, the garden).

      Maybe your love of the girl is symbolic of the love you bear for something in your life that in truth causes fear and darkness, though you don't see it. Or perhaps it is a warning that you're attracted to good things, but they'll lead you into grief and despair. The rush of adrenaline and terror caused by the reflection of evil was what woke you up, a physiological response to wanting the dream to end. More likely than anything, it was simply a nightmare, your mind disturbing you to promote change or growth. There's no real way of eking out absolute meaning from personal symbols, and dreams are murky waters. Learning lucidity and conversing with the purple-eyed girl could help you unravel this tantalizing mystery.


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