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    1. Snake-Kong and the Mouth of Hell

      by , 05-28-2014 at 06:46 PM
      Okay, this is a bit of a long one with a lot of miscellaneous actions, but the really interesting parts are in red...

      I stood in a circle with a large group of people at an outdoor celebration of sorts, headed by the owner of the restaurant I work at. He spoke for a while, then we all dispersed to mingle.. however there was a colossal snake slithering around the entire time, often getting close to me. It was about twelve feet high and was extremely wide and long, with huge beady eyes. It was a mottled brown and black color. I told a couple people that I would go and meet the snake, but I knew he could smell fear and it scared me. I walked around a while, talking to DCs and avoiding the huge snake. Eventually I was outside a large tent-corridor a distance from the gathering, and the snake came through. It kept trying to come through various doors, but I would zip them up before it could enter, though I was letting it smell me so that when I came toward it, it would know me and be friendly. A DC distracted me by pointing out a comic behind the snake that I knew explained its back-story, but I couldn't see it clearly.

      The snake transformed into a massive gorilla, like King Kong. He charged through the door, grabbed me, and picked me up, taking me a distance away into the night. We spoke a while, and though I can't remember the details, I knew that by talking to me he learned about the concept of death, of which he had been blissfully unaware before. I also knew that he associated the concept with me, which made me feel threatened, though I was acting cool, calm and interesting on the surface. He wanted to show me a trick, as he had apparently spent his life forced into circus work. He threw me lightly into the air, and though I could imagine him tearing me in two with ease, he lightly caught me. I let him throw me again and relaxed myself utterly, and knew pure joy as I knew I was safe in his massive grasp. We went inside, and I was now friends with the snake-ape. There was a council of his owners. I attempted to slip past them, but they offered me a breakfast fajita, which I politely accepted. They began to talk to the proud and insolent Kong, who was newly awakened to the concepts of mortality. One of the chiefs asked, what were you talking about? I responded, we were just talking about life. Technically true, dream self, well played. The gorilla was talking about his past, perhaps his mother had been poached by the corrupt council. They attempted to assuage him with soothing, honeyed words that shuffled the blame from them. One woman turned into a bird and massaged his back with her claws, which he liked. Before I figure out the conclusion, I awoke.

      Wake, sleep, dream. I was in a classroom without a teacher. The kids were passing around bowls and bongs and getting ripped, myself included. Then, authority figures entered and demanded we register our drugs, mainly acid, as weed was still illegal. I kept the bubbler I had hidden under a blanket.

      I was home again, and my mother left, exhorting me to be moral. I got in a car with some friends and went to a hill near my house to smoke the ganja I had left over from the classroom. We went into a massive trailer and sat in a circle. A couple other friends came in, along with a guy who must have lived there, then they left to go adventuring. I sat and smoked a bit, got bored and left. I came across a group of women playing volleyball in an empty swimming pool, and saw others climbing pine trees. The hill was well populated. I walked down to the university gym and saw more girls playing volleyball, and some guys playing a game. There was food on the sidelines and many morbidly obese players.

      Next, I was at a camp or retreat of some sort. We were all hanging out and I was acting a clown, cracking jokes and goofing off. I went to the bathroom, walked in and cleaned a urinal, then walked out. Turned out I was in the ladies restroom! A couple guys followed after me, too. A tall, extremely beautiful woman came up and laughed about the mix-up, and I told her she now had to use the guys, because it was all mixed up. She had writing on her lips. I offered to kiss her, but she asked, right or left? I said, right, and presented my right cheek for her to kiss. Later, we played a game like hide and seek. I decided to hide in a box, but couldn't decide between one or the other side of the room, so I didn't have time to get the box closed, and was immediately caught.

      I'm in a magnificent cathedral. I'm with someone, and see a friend about to go play a guitar onstage, and he waves at me. A priest walks up to me, and asks, are you confident?to which I simply say, yes.He leads me to a wall. There is a small, tight mouth, an opening, on the bottom of it, covered in runes and glyphs, wrought in beautiful stone work and pouring out red and orange. It looks like the mouth of Hell. He says something to the effect of, it's good you're confident, you'll need it, or we'll see, I can't remember. I barely fit in the gap, and began a slow facedown descent, using hand-holds on the passage to keep myself from tumbling. I see two scorpions, and wonder, why am I down here? I'm not even Catholic. After a while of indecision, I exit into sunlight and fresh air. Another priest stands there and asks, what you doing? The real challenges are ahead, you must face your demons.I pathetically say I need shoes, look down and I'm wearing them. He extols me to have courage and continue, so I go back into the mouth, down, down, down. I'm on a stair case that's unbelievably cramped, with hundreds of even tinier scorpions that I run over, worrying that one is in my shirt. I'm now in a dark, quiet and misty stone corridor bathed in glowing white and blue. I enter a room to the right, and find myself looking at two animal spirits floating over stone wells. One I can't access, but the other purports to be a mirror of the soul, and speaks proudly and with disdain. From a third person perspective, it consumed me, and I now look like Harry Potter. It was all fire within, and he discussed a Reformation of sorts. Whether the historical one, or a personal one, I don't know.

      Then, there's my brother next to me. He has a beautiful amulet and he gives it to me to help me. I thank him, and awaken.
    2. Ill-Fated Return to School; Family's Mars Voyage

      by , 05-28-2014 at 04:02 AM
      I was with an old music teacher, a phenomenal character and wonderful director, and one of my better high school friends. Someone else was with us as well, and he was describing to me things I could work on, flaws of mine. One was, when you start to talk, you have interesting things to say, but you start out by being BORING. After a while, I went to leave, and my old director gave me a very understanding and penetrating look. I smiled back at him, but I felt fake and a little hurt.

      I was back at my old school, a private Christian school. I was a new student, though it was more of a return than my first exposure. As I walked up, a friend's brother gave me a love note from a girl. I said, that's art. He agreed. I was assigned a locker, was given an American flag outfit, and puffed a cigarette an assistant manager of mine was finishing, as a couple people were smoking in the hall. I entered a social studies class, and as I went to choose a seat, I couldn't decide where I fit in. I usually sit in the back so I can see everything, but I wanted to be more focused and thought the middle would be better. I sat in the back anyway. The manager at work was my teacher. I realized I hadn't done the given assignment that everyone else had (man, really took me back to school days), so I slipped out of class. I didn't have my books, either, and decided to retrieve them.

      I ended up getting on a bus and traveling down the block a ways with a whole group of other people. The only notable DC was a young, tiny red-headed, blue boy who became scared at one point. I comforted him with a hug. We proceeded to wreck several times, sometimes flipping in the air. Our bus became a semi truck at one point, caught fire, exploded, returned to a bus. I ended up running ahead of the group once we got out. I had lost one of my USA flag shoes, but I had a Vibram on instead. Everyone was fine, because my dreams like safe car wrecks like that. I re-entered my school, and a boy greeted me and said there was naught but a minute left in class, so no point in returning. I showed off my bicycle to him, and a couple friends of mine came in and got food and dishes from a stocked kitchen the school had. We talked about how nice the school had become, a scholastic paradise compared to what it had been.

      Wake, sleep, dream. I was on vacation with my family, in town at the beach. We're sitting outside a building, my brother, sister and mother all go inside. I have a large piece of black paper, and I'm writing on it with my finger. It's a message to a woman on Mars. My whole family is going to a colony there, my sister longer than anyone, because it was stated she had been to the Dominican Republic (she does often travel). We return to the house, and I quickly go to the computer to email a woman, perhaps the same one. I wonder at why all I want to think or talk about is dreams (!!) and that it's good that she's my dream guide (!!). Great thing I became, lucid, or not. Missed freebie. Anyway, there's a strange segment of a hologram coming from the email that shows a couple people from school again.

      Afterward, or maybe in the email, I'm in a series of music videos. In the one I remember, it was quite hilarious; I was in a flamboyant, red, pimp-like outfit with feather, a hat, the works. I have a gang, a gaggle, a skulk, a pride of people behind me, and we're all carrying drinks. We're facing off with another group. As the leader, I dramatically pour my drink, maybe a beer, on the ground. The rest of my group follows suit, but the drinks from the taller ones fill up the shorter people's cups again so they have to pour them out again. There's another segment I can't remember.

      Next, I'm at home. There's a guy about my age with short, blond hair, who calls himself Patrick.. o'Leary, if I remember. He's mowing our lawn, though I end up finishing it. We make conversation, and at one point he says I might not even remember, it's not a big deal, but I had pranked him, or something of that nature. I can't remember and am confused. I ask, did I get you too drunk? He laughs and says never mind, and no. However, there's a strange vibe lingering in the air, like he's being outwardly fake but inwardly analytic. Next door, a cook at work is lying on a driveway looking in a mirror foppishly, sporting a mane of blonde hair that he doesn't have in real life. I say, hey, dude, to him. Patrick says, hey, Tony. We go inside and meet my mother on the way in. She gets a set of keys from Patrick, and is laughing and friendly but says she'll keep him accountable. I have covert plans to maybe offer Patrick some ganja now that my mother's leaving, even though (or due to how) I've quit smoking in recent days (hence the REM rebound). The strange vibe stays around, but we're quite friendly together. Before any more events transpire, I wake, disappointed to miss such a clear and present dream sign as the email.
    3. Carrying a Log

      by , 05-27-2014 at 01:29 AM
      I'm walking in a green and flourishing wood with a couple new friends and one old friend. We're in single file all carrying a large log on our shoulders, upon which rests water bottles, backpacks, camping supplies. There is a path, but we only occasionally step on it, favoring another path made up of one continuous tree that lies flat on the ground. The footing is often precarious. We chat amiably as we walk, and eventually come to an end, where there is a hill, a view and a river that turns into a waterfall. We then begin to argue; my friends want to continue as we have been down the hill, but I figure, we don't need to carry this log, we can just carry the supplies ourselves. Why keep holstering this burden? The path is tricky as it is, and with a hill our safety diminishes substantially. No decision is made before I awake.
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    4. Regina's Cathedral and Apple's Car - AP?

      by , 05-25-2014 at 04:47 PM
      The dream began with something incredibly strange and ineffable, mainly because the memory is so faint it's hardly there. I have this vague recollection of a feeling of pleasure, beautiful moment of some kind, perhaps the feeling I was searching for earlier in the night of my soul leaving my body (I was attempting an OBE). Worth writing down for future memory's sake.

      I was at the gym at the college by my house running around the track. A co-worker told me to slow down. I did, and it felt great. I raced a friend at one point, then stopped and talked to another guy. He lent me a couple video games, a strange version of Guitar Hero and another. When I tried to play them at my home, on my computer, they wouldn't work. Guitar Hero required a birth certificate. So I went on a drive and stopped for a long time at an intersection. I might have smoked a bowl, I dunno. I journeyed forth down the road. I live on top of a hill, so I came to the dead end and found a large cathedral, a cemetery and other stone-wrought creations.

      This is when the dream took a turn. I got out of my car, and there was Regina Spektor! One of my favorite artists, her voice is angelic and her musicality unparalleled. I followed her into the cathedral and we adventured a bit, making small talk. I asked, how long have you lived here? She told me she had just moved to this side of town, but she had always lived in my city. I was surprisingly cool, calm and dispassionate, likely because I was ignoring the warning bells ringing that told me this was a dream. We got back into my car, she was driving now, and she drove back down the road to my house. She needed to borrow pants, I think hers were cold and wet, as it was snowy. It hadn't been snowy before.. I tell her to let me off at my house, it's where the snowmen are. There was a large, sad looking snowman right out front. I walked inside and told my parents, Regina is here. My mom goes outside to talk to her, there's an intense, watchful man inside, perhaps a hobo, who my parents had taken in.I considered making hot cocoa, but that would take too long.

      I woke, slept, dreamed, forgot, woke, slept, dreamed, forgot. Next dream I remember, there was a car wreck near my house that people were running to. I was curious, so I decided to get on my bike. Then I decided, nah, I'll just buy a car. So I bought a car online, from Apple, for $2400. It was remote controlled, because I wasn't in it (dream logic, I was definitely with the car the whole time, but it was a third person view). I couldn't find the accident, so I drove to a theme park. I was not on the roads, my car was small, like a Smart Car, and it could hop up and down. I got past some people in my way and voyaged about. There were various levels and missions I was completing, though really I kept trying to use its GPS to get back to the wreck. At one point, I talked to a boy and said, don't be like me! I spontaneously bought this car, it was a bad idea, I'm too broke to buy a car! I picked someone up, escort mission status. A large lady, she kept us safe from attacking wolves later on whenever they jumped on the car. I used the car to climb up a small mountain that had steps. We went into a city. Cars kept wrecking into me, and my car was taking severe damage, at one point catching fire. Cops came, but didn't arrest me. What a waste of a couple grand!
    5. The Monster and the Beast - A struggle of authority

      by , 05-13-2014 at 08:01 PM
      Last night, I had my second lucid dream. In it, I became aware my mother, who I had just been talking to, had vanished. This sparked lucidity, and I euphorically ran down a track at a college I live nearby to, shouting in triumph. I nearly lost lucidity, so I calmed down. I've never flown in a dream, so I tried. Nothing happened, even though I knew it was a dream, I knew I was able to fly if I had the expectation present. Disappointed, I saw my sister walking ahead of me, but she was walking funny.. like she was made of melted putty, swinging her arms and legs strangely. She transformed then into a large, sinister character with a monstrous face torn in some parts to reveal his skull, which was slightly on fire, wearing a trench coat. Rorschach meets Ghost Rider, then takes nightmare steroids and grows. He strode quickly toward me, then transformed into an obscure acquaintance. My desire in dreams is to talk to DCs, so I asked him, what do you represent? He answered, you, now. He walked away, gaining a blue toga and a massive bow, like a Greek hero, or Kid Icarus. I looked into the sky, which started to fade to black, then back down to retain my dream awareness. I tried spinning to a new environment to no avail.

      Knowing this was a lucid dream, I started looking for some lucid booty, and I am not a pirate. I asked several women I saw to undress, but they vehemently defended their honor as any woman in a street would, making me feel self-conscious and slightly abashed. I walked into a nearby building and couldn't change anything. Nothing, I was in a very low degree control over the dream. I talked with a couple people about making plans to go to another dream, and they were drawing up plans for it (a cruise in a wondrous tropical sea with a boatload of girls), when I walked past a man I knew sitting on a couch. He said, Matt, this will always be a part of you, then proceeded to molest a girl I know who he was next to, who was sniffling and unresponsive. Enraged, I lost sight of creating a tropical paradise and wanted to hit him, though I'm not generally violent. As I moved slightly toward him, I merged with the girl on the couch, who turned into a very close lady friend, and the dream turned sexual.

      I woke up feeling angry, ashamed at the disturbing content and thrown off in general. Did I expect to be turned down? Was the amorous ending a reward for trying to attack evil, or did I give into my anger and become the evil itself? Mainly, I see the strangeness of it all as being caused by my inability to control and manipulate my dream environment (not able to fly, create new dream, etc.). If I had been flying, I think I could have escaped the nightmarish elements of it.

      The real unanswerable question is, why are the two evil characters in the piece, the fearsome monster hero and the predator, a part of me, and how can I either integrate them into my psyche... or destroy them? Love your enemies despite their wickedness, even if they are within, or are these weeds in me that I should be rooted out and burned?

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    6. The Carnelian Brain and Tetherball Flight

      by , 05-11-2014 at 05:16 AM
      A woman is showing me the human brain. It is organic and fleshy, but some sections are metal. She's a teacher, and I'm drawn in to every word. She points out one area that is clearly defined, toward the center of the mass, and calls it the 'carnelian,' which is an orange-reddish semiprecious stone. She then proceeds to stimulate my own nervous system by stabbing a needle into the junction of my upper back and neck muscles. I feel awash with giddiness and strange energy. She passes me a stick, and I flip it several times and set it down. We are in a restaurant, several other women are about.

      I'm in a circle with about a dozen guys, several who are older than I, several who I have a rocky past with. A couple are wearing sunglasses, one has a giant visor blocking his face. We're all talking, the topic, I'm not sure. I write a prayer into a journal, then I realize that everyone has passed it around and read my deep thoughts that were meant for God. Maybe they were meant to be in on it. There's a hilarious and strangely ineffable segment that is of a video my friends made, with mirror-like properties.

      Many people are on a balcony, myself included. A tetherball hangs directly above. To start, the chef at the restaurant I work at (who's funny, young, crazy) tries to do a trick off a ramp on a BMX. He fails. A couple people come out on the floor below. I throw the tetherball and hit one, as we are playing 'dodgeball.' Then, I leap onto the tetherball. My weight makes it start to swing in long, wide circles, very fast. I'm careful not to hit the walls of the room. I twirl around and around in the air.

      Later, a girl asked if I spoke English (in English). Her and another started speaking in Spanish. A co-worker called me a pretty boy (probably not in a good way) and told me if I were to work out, I'd have nice abs. What a confusing ending, as I was abruptly awoken right after.

      Another set of dreams coming off ganj-smoking, so this 'REM rebound' phenomena is startling and incredibly vivid.
    7. Glimpses of Meaning

      by , 05-07-2014 at 08:03 AM
      These are moments that struck me as odd or notable, drawn from a number of dreams over the past four or five months. All non-lucid. Mainly these are moments that disturbed me, the ones I felt had deeper meaning if I had the wisdom to penetrate the veil around them--moments with animals, periods of huge change in the dream, and quiet, dark aspects.

      -My ex-girlfriend and now good friend had written a book of life advice. Knowing she wrote it, I spoke to her, and she answered through the pages. I felt a sudden chill of knowing and a measure of uneasiness. She told me to sell everything that I owned.

      -An old lady who rode my bus. We got off at the same time. In the midst of mindless chitchat, I started discussing centaurs. She told me, "War is coming. Mars shines brighter than ever. And Pluto." I told her, "I am Pluto."

      -The closest I've been to flying, I was on a Skyrim-esque adventure (what a beautiful, wonderful game), and I had jetpacks that shot me up into the air. I'd fall, then launch myself up again. Think Iron Man, but propulsion rather than energy.

      -A wooden boat in an underground crypt, like the Phantom of the Opera. I knew it was preparation for something. Later, a Smith Agent reaches into my forehead. I left, and had a strange incident with a dog, which was tied to me, and a squirrel, which I tried to protect from the dog but ended up scratching me. A group of friends took a look at my wrist, rubbed my forehead and reassured me to not feel fear or anxiety.

      -A group of schoolmates, who have no drug interest, all took magic mushrooms. They all described it as catapulting the mind into the universe. However, it was intuitively understood that the return to earth would have to be paid in blood.

      -First lion dream, my friend had one chained. It ran back and forth, the length of its chain. I lay there. It would sniff me each pass, getting closer. Fear.

      -Second lion dream. I'm sitting with a friend in a field, and I see a lion approach. I determine not to move or show any signs of fear, but I know I'm lying, the lion knows, my scent is palpable. He approaches, sniffs me as if to take a bite. Then, the dream shifts. Another friend tells me the lion was shot with a tranquilizer dart from a helicopter.

      -In the dark of night, under an underpass in heavy snow, I stumble and fall as I walk with my brother's ex-girlfriend. My hand finds another warm hand buried in the snow, and I grasp it. Fear wakes me.

      -An eagle perches on a totem pole, and lets down an ancient runed manuscript that reads: 'Human Yoga.' He transforms into a boy named Sam, though he wishes to remain anonymous and is only revealed by a group of passerbys.

      -As I walk in the front door of my home at night, I see unfathomably massive lights in the sky, like great energy beams charging. They briefly grow in intensity (it looks like ancient letters with the Enlgish W, S and A) then fire. With a primal yell, I struggle to slam my front door shut due to the incredible shock wave that sweeps through. Low in the sky, a ship the size of a small city roars overhead.

      -A very intelligent, conservative and large dragon was intent on consuming my family, friends and own person. We were in a castle by a forest of evil monkeys, and I was attempting to diplomatically see everyone out of this crisis.

      -My brother and I were in an industrial, Spartan-like training complex where boys were trained into soldiers. We found a room with water and boxes. I opened one and pulled out this strange fleshly doll, abnormally proportion (large chest and arms, triangular but human). I dropped it into the water, and remember debating whether to pull it out. I knew it was right to, so I did. As I picked it up, it drew breath.

      -I was playing a hunting game. I morphed into a werewolf, but then took to the skies as a pterodactyl.

      -A dream of two blind men at different times. One passed me in a hall. The other, I scaled a wall, and he was scaling the opposite way. The guy looked rough, with strange eyes, oozing sores, and an expression of anguish.

      -Three large snakes were moving in waves, all as one. There was one tiny white snake that I held in my hand.

      -I had three bugs of different color which I noticed were imbedded in my forearm. They began to hurt, and I scratched at them to break free from their painful bite.

      -I was driving with my friend in the city, when I noticed a bridge next to us begin to collapse. We were on a bridge, too, and it collapsed behind. As we entered, the buildings of the city began to be broken up and destroyed around us as we drove both forward and in reverse.

      -I was missing several teeth. A woman I knew suggested I use various crystals and stones, but they were all too large to fit what was missing.
    8. NONLUCID Quest to Save the World

      by , 05-06-2014 at 05:38 PM
      Supp: Melatonin, B6, REM rebound (ganja)

      A friend and I procured a large bag of sausage links and scurried off to an industrial plant, skateboarding on our bellies and jumping over obstacles, where a myriad of school buses were parked. No one else was there. We went in, he vanished, replaced by a brooding hero who was to join me on my quest. He offered me my weapon, a very large stone, along with a choice of a few pieces of enchanted jewelry. I donned an amulet and a headpiece, and we entered in. The first sight to greet my eyes was a couple of dwarves, which my manager from work had just warned me about. The room they were in was tilting, and they were flying up against the wall wildly. I walked past them and started clobbering the heads of whoever I would meet. They didn't strike me as violent at all, but they were enemies, I suppose.. at one point near the end, a defeated enemy took my stone from and hit the head of one of his friends so hard I'm surprised he just looked dazed and not dead. I took the stone from him. I exited to a center column of a tower, where I found nature mixed in with the mechanization. A group of important people were there, I walked across a bridge that zipped over the empty space and verbally assaulted the general in charge, as he didn't understand the magnitude and significance of what I had just done (neither do I, hahah). He wore five hats, and took them off, put them on again. A co-worker told me we had saved the world. Not bad for acting like cavemen.