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      Well, I told my grandma that she's dead, and...

      Hey there,

      I just wanted to share this wicked experience I had a couple days ago. I didn't share with anyone other that my DJ and feel like wanting to tell about it.

      First, it's not what I consider a 100% lucid dream, but I was, somehow, lucid for some moments before waking up.

      My grandma passed away last october at 88, she was a great woman who loves family meetings, to go out dinner, etc. and had a great sense of humor so we laughed a lot and had a great relationship. I obviously had many dreams about her, but no-one like this one.

      We were on a sofa, talking about something I don't remember. It was all very vivid, possibly due to green tea, and maybe because of this the dream turned a bit stressing and unconfortable later. The thing is that, for some reason, it's like I came to my senses, but while still trapped in the dream, I felt the urge of "telling her" the truth: that she didn't exist anymore, and this was just something in my head.

      If you ask me, I never would do that in a fully lucid dream, I would even go to a restaurant or something with her. But this, as I said, was some strange, twisted dream.

      I hold her hand, told her to listen carefully. I tried to access my real memory (I remember trying to think which month we were in the real world, and I remember the feeling of having a completely blank mind about my dream life), and I said "we are in february" (I noticed it was wrong when I woke up). Told her that the surgery went wrong, and that she passed away in october, many months ago.

      She reacted negatively, not only not believing it, but also aggresive. I don't know why, I "imagined" her turning into something evil, and even if her body didn't, she somehow did, because tried to hold my neck and shoulders. Knowing it was a dream, I told myself once and again that it was all in my head, that didn't exist, but I would still feal scared and shocked as everything happened so fast.

      With my mind I managed to take her out of the window to the balcony. I felt more relaxed, but I still was feeling that "presence"... something wrong, or bad. I was agitated I guess. I went out to the balcony to see if she calmed down, but I could still feel her... it was getting nightmare-ish. Without any effort I flew out a bit, and just floated around the balcony, over the street (around 9th floor). I though on the possibility of her following me, but she didn't. Looked stuck there.

      After a few moments, I woke up, still a bit agitated and I needed to turn the light on and have a bit of water before thinking on going back to sleep.

      I simply don't know why I did and said that, and at same time even if I "knew" I was dreaming, I didn't got my full conciousness (or I would have tried the TOTM! ), but anyway, it was an strange, weird, and wicked dream.

      Oh, forgot to mention that after telling her about her death, while starting to feel the negativity, on a wall I saw a projection of some instructions about "never tell a DC about his real life", and "if it happens, don't try anything, don't run away, try to wake up".

      To be honest, not sure if it's something I read around, or if my mind just made it up on the dream, but it even stressed me more, but anyway as I was supposed to have the control, decided not to follow the advices.

      Thanks for reading!
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      Woah, that sounds really nightmarish. Especially the projection part it's really creepy.
      I think it was just a dream...there wasn't any reason for her to hurt you, right ? If it was something more she wouldn't react like that. You said after getting up you went to drink water.
      Thirst is one of the things that may cause nightmares. It does in me.
      How do you know that this is not a dream ?

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