Before some days,i realized how amazing it would be to control my dreams and i made a search finding that is called ''lucid dream''.
In all my life i remember(i m not sure)having one clear lucid dream(before 3-5 months)and one that i m not sure if i was lucid dream since i was younger. ;p
In my old (maybe lucid) dream i remember(not clear)me in my village,after in a train with my mother(no train station there),doing sth and going somewhere!(don't remember)
Then remember myself near a football field and then near to a river with many rocks inside.I saw Zeus there (an ancient Greek god),he was angry with me and i started running,then i saw one Greek goddess,don't remember who and if she was angry too,but in some point i i started glide on the watered rocks,and glide,and glide..In the end of the river was a waterfall and i stopped some meters before fall.I don't remember what happened with the gods,but i glided and started flying ,i cross the football field with a panoramic view!!!AND THEN IT WAS THE TIME I BELIEVE I GOT LUCID!Cause while i was flying i think i realized that i was dreaming and i showed my a** to some girls on the field. LOL . Then (i think)i remember myself on the train again,lucid!
On the other lucid dream i get lucid after i saw near my region's junior school a work of my municipality that must have been near my region's high school!After that, i run to 2 girls and i put my d*ck in front of one's girl mouth saying:go blowjob! lol!!
Then the girl started blow me and i wake up after some secs, cumming (nocturnal).
These were my dreams!!!For 2 days i trying be lucid but i have no dreams(hahahah).
I'm 100% sure i will have one soon!