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      Unhappy Reccurent Lucid Dreams

      Hello everyone,

      I'm not sure where I should post or to who to speak about that.
      Two years ago while pregnant with my first baby, I had my first lucid dream. But it was more like a nightmare but while being awake.

      My body was stiff I couldn't move, and I started hallucinating because my eyes were wild open in my dream. I keep yelling my fiancÚ at the time name's but it seem that he couldn't hear me.
      I couldn' blink nor move a finger or a toe .... It was scary. I feel my body so stiff like almost being held down by my own body weight.

      It probably last 2-3 minutes. Then I was able to move again and i woke up. It didn't happen again until this year.

      It's been nearly three months I keep having them. But they seem to worsen everytime. And can come to three, four or five times in a row.

      Same thing. I am in my bed sleeping and all of a sudden I can't move. I know i'm sleeping but only my mind seem awake. I feel it dark, and scared. Can't move and i'm hallucinating ... I know i'm dreaming but there's nothing I can do. And I'm having them a lot lately At least Two-three times a week and 2-3 times in a row.

      And just last week I had my first false awakenning. I woke up from dream in a dream and woke up from there in another dream and finally woke up for real. A sort of inception. But all the way I know I was dreaming.

      I also have frequent day dreams. Like as if i'm sleeping with my eyes open and just doze off. It often happens on the bus.

      Any suggestin on what it means? Can it be sign of narcoclepsy also because of the paralysis and the hallucinations?

      Thanks for your reply ...

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      The first part sounds like sleep paralysis. I experience this almost every night, but most often in the morning if I wake up and go back to sleep. It's your body falling asleep before your brain does, so basically your body shuts down so as to not act out your dreams, but your brain is still up and your are conscious. I've read it can be associated with hallucinations, but so far I haven't experienced any. I have heard some odd things but the overwhelming feeling of fear is always present. Even though I know what's going on, it's just very freaky not being able to move a muscle even though your brain is fully awake.

      I've read a few articles about how to get out of it since preventing it never really worked for me, and believe it or not, scrunching my face up works for me. That or I just try over and over to wiggle my toes or fingers and eventually my body wakes up. Scrunching my face has worked best oddly though.

      Check out Sleep paralysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I'm not 100% sure if this is what your describing, but it sounds almost exactly like what I experience just with the addition of hallucinations.

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