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      First fully aware lucid dream!

      I've had 2 lucid dreams before, but both were practically seconds long and I never had any real control over them. It's really weird because after looking at DILDing for literally around 5 minutes (I was actually attempting to WILD, but thought I'd check that out as well) I managed to have a fully aware lucid dream!!! It was so realistic compared to what I was expecting... so much so that I kept doubting whether it was actually a dream and was too scared to mess around with the world that much >.>

      Either way, I've written about it in my Dream Journal, but I thought I'd share since ahhhhh it was so amazing!

      I'm also a little curious as to how I was able to get lucid using the DILD method with next to no preparation. Has anyone else heard of anything like this, or any ideas as to why it might have happened? :O

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      Congratulations on your first big LD! It certainly is very exciting About your only 5 minutes looking at DILDing, I would say it is fairly common for beginners to experience their first LD not long after reading about it. I know I had a similar first experience to you, but I think you will find that tonight you might not have any LD's. If thats the case, don't be discouraged, just don't give up! Keep lucidity on your mind and read the articles on here, and they will become more regular

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