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      Strange ending to a great first experience.

      Hey guys,

      So this isn't the first time I've been lucid, but it is the first time I went lucid intentionally. Anyways here's the story:

      Yesterday I was reading up on some of the methods and gave the morning wild method a shot. Worked like a charm! I woke up in my dream, counted my fingers, had six on each hand. That's when I realized I was dreaming, immediately the dream starts to shake and make noise (im guessing dissolving), so I rub my hands together to stabilize, that also works. Now I want to fly, so I do that, brilliant!

      Here's where it gets weird, I fly down to a road, see some people and figure I want to try talking to some. So I sit next to this guy and start a dialogue, now with this guy whenever I ask a question I already know the answer in some strange way before he tells me, so I'm talking to him, asking normal dream questions, "am I dreaming" ect. Then I figure well since I have my subconscious here, let me ask it some serious questions.

      Before I go on, I should note that I've been having some problems lately with anxiety, panic, and some other stuff, that stems from the psyche involuntarily. It's been rough. So I ask this old guy I've been chatting with if I'm going to be OK, he smiles and assures me I will. As he says this I look up and see a man with red hair and a black trench coat walking down the street, even as I'm typing this I feel unpleasant, but in the dream I went into a rage and instantly attacked him, kicking the shit out of this guy. During the beating I'm yelling that I know him and he's trying contest that I don't.

      As I'm doing this the old man who told me I'd be ok comes over and places his hand on the red haired man, his hand closes leaving only 1 finger up and the old man immediately starts yelling, "You're a type 1, you're a type 1!" Now the red hair man start sighing like he just got caught and the old man asks him "What happened to doc? He was the type 1!" then he starts screaming "Stop putting us in the basement!" Now the red hair man starts trying to escape my grasp and I slam him up against the wall and start asking him questions... But with him I don't know what his answers are going to be. Then I ask him when I'm going to be ok and with reluctance he tells me in about 2 years. This is crushing and I let him go disheartened. Then the dream dissolved and I came here to type this.

      What was the deal with the guy with red hair? A representation of a deeper level of my subconscious? Why is he locking my other levels in the basement? Why didn't I know what he was thinking?

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      Maybe you should of asked the red hair guy what he represented, instead of punching his face for no reason.

      never fight in a lucid dream, because your just fighting yourself. And that just makes everything worse!

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