So, tonight something strange happened.

After a while without LDs, I was there at around 4.30am trying to WILD (never managed, but I keep trying).

Now I find myself repositioning on bed, lying on my belly, pillow gets on my back, and as I feel it there I think "well, I could try to think someone is going to caress my back, maybe it's a good anchor / entrance".

After some darkness I feel as if I'm sinking on my bed. Slowly, with no apparent stopping point, but I sink. It stops, but I sink again. Then I think on getting up from bed and RC. I'm dreaming.

I'll skip the dream itself, it was short.

After it fades to black, I feel again on my bed, all dark. I stay there, relaxed. I feel again like I'm sinking on my bed. "Wait... again? Cool!".

Again I get up, RC, and have a small LD. After it fades to black, I am again on my bed.

This time, while I'm there relaxed, waiting, I start hearing a woman voice, like from a radio, talking. I also hear random cars passing by next to my window. Again, I feel some transitioning effect, but this time is a bounce from side to side, and I can even hear the noise in my bed as I "move".

I realise that if I'm hearing my bed, I must be dreaming again (because I'm not moving!), so I get up again. Once more, another small LD, that fades to black.

Finally, I wake up.... and this time for real. Because I wasn't lying on my belly, I was on my back, same position I got myself when I started my WILD try....

So this makes me think that I didn't have 3 dreams, but just one long dream in which I lost precious time staying on bed waiting for the transition...

Frustrating, but at least it was a nice experience.