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    Thread: Recalling My First WILD: A Detailed Memory

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      Recalling My First WILD: A Detailed Memory

      It is 4pm on a hot day and it's time to take a nap. I lie down on my couch with the intention of closing my eyes and watching my hypnagogic imagery (swirly colors that intensify with prolonged focus) as I attempt another WILD. As my body begins to relax, I silently observe any and all thoughts that pop up as I move them "out of view", and later become entranced by the colorful flashing lights beginning to fill my vision. Soon, about 10 minutes or so, I start to feel a steady numbness throughout my body (the hum of conscious sleeping) and my hypnagogia becomes more vivid and fluid. Now is time to make a judgement call, remain in this meditative state for longer or begin to visualize a dream. I start to visualize grass. I love nature and grass is just so simple as it is wavy and repetitive makes for easy visualizing. At this point my vision is full of green patterns and it's beginning to look and feel like I'm outside as I develop a dream scene. I imagine myself a dream body and begin to walk along the grass and truly feel it beneath my feet. As my awareness drifts into the dream I stay sharp and alert as I say aloud "I'm dreaming." Now in the dream state, I have panoramic view of the realm and I'm standing in a field with flat land extending for miles in all directions. The intensity of the dream hits me as I rub my hands quickly to stay aware. My thoughts echo, "What are my intentions now that I've made it this far?" I begin to imagine the front of a large mansion as I turn around and to my astonishment it appears directly behind me. I run up to the door and fling it open and as I run inside loud music begins to play. I reach the main room and I notice there is a party going on here with many dream characters. I speak briefly with a few people but others don't acknowledge me so I head off to explore the immense building. I find myself by a rather large spiral staircase and I think to myself I should fly up to the second floor! I levitate up to the next floor and the smell of chlorine hits me. There is a large indoor pool with more people. I spot a desert table and I begin to munch on delights like jell-o, chocolate cake, ice cream, and more of my favorites. The food here is perfect for it is imagined just the way I like. I head through these large double doors leading out to a balcony where a man having trouble lighting a smoke. I point my finger and a small flame appears to light the cigarette. I then look over the railing at a seemingly endless garden of colorful flowers and large fruits. Then I get the feeling that my time here is coming to an end. I begin to fade out of this realm as my senses tune back from my magical dream body to my body that is slump on the couch in my living room. The rapid process is all too familiar as I open my eyes and regain wakefulness marking my first successful WILD.
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      Holy crap. Congrats man. Practice with lucid naps to get better at transitioning into the dream.

      Hello everyone. Welcome to my world we call earth. Enjoy your stay

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