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      Feeling tones and Review Commities?

      I've been re-reading Robert Wagoners Gateway to the Inner Self and recognized the experience of review committees- I've met some of these dream characters that seem more aware than normal DCs that seem to be actually taking notice of my accomplishments and how far along I am in the LD process. Have you had any experiences with some of these reviewers? DCs that have a level of depth quite different from the average one that seem to be watching over your progress and reporting it to higher consciousness? Second part of my question is about feeling tones, I've been very curious about this experiment within a LD. To be completely removed from your EGO? Have you had an experience in which you have become a primal source of being, removed from your Ego, no longer the human experiences that have made you up- but back to the basic before? I am extremely interested in finding these moments in my own LD's. Thank you ahead of time for your shares.
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