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      Demonic lucid dreaming over the years

      I've had a lot of dreams, I am completely aware I'm asleep.
      Then demons and dark forces appear.
      One seemed to be warning me, he appeared as a black owl with human eyes and walked like a person.
      He told me if I keep wishing for death it's coming.
      Other dreams involve demons in human form, terrorizing me telling me I'm gonna die.
      But now, they are playing with my mind.
      They're trying to get to my dogs in dreams, and I know it's a dream but I get scared and try protecting them.
      Basically this post is to ask if anyone knows what is going on with me.
      Are these dreams, or something more?
      My dad told me to stop practicing Satanism and go back to Wicca.
      But I don't know why I'm having these dreams. Help?

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      Because life.

      And probably a few more detailed reasons as well. The experiences you describe sound very fear based. Something Carl Jung called the shadow also seems to be part of these kind of dreams. The shadow is the part of us that is pure potential, chaos and unknown. And we all know we fear the unknown. So images that we experience as fearful appear in the dream to accompany the emotional mental landscape.
      Shadow elements should be embraced, loved, and integrated. Use positive feelings and project them at those characters.

      One night I was doing a wbtb wild. I woke up in the dream in my bed with all the lights out. I sleep in a loft bed pretty close to the ceiling and there is a bit of space between the ceiling and the top of the bed railing. Laying on my side looking at the railing, I see a greyish liquid-like cloud flow up and over the railing. I am terrified of what it might be. As it comes over the railing, the snarling face of gollum from lord of the rings appears. It was a very scary experience. But I have been working on projecting positivity in fear based dreams, and I began saying "I love you". That helped a bit to curb the fear, but I could still feel the negativity, so I started to sing a lullaby. That produced an overwhelming feeling of love and euphoria. The dream ended like that.

      Everyone accepts their shadow in a different way so whatever works is what works. You could also try talking to them and asking them why they are doing what they are doing. Maybe ask them who they are, just regular questions you would ask someone to get to know them. Try to accept them and get to know them. Hopefully that helped.

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