It's ironic because today i watched the new Robocop movie which turned out to be a pretty decent movie minus the 'Monarch Programming'. And needless to say 'MP' ruined the originality of the Robo series for discerning dreamers like me. I highly advise those of you don't know what Monarch Programming is or MK Ultra to go do your research because It's very important in regards to lucid dreaming. The media, education, entertainment, etc. that we receive in this day in time will more than likely be created and designed to tap into our subconscious minds uploading the brain with scientific stimuli which can alter our beliefs and thought patterns. And when this happens effectively yet unconsciously under some state of hypnosis whether in a movie theater or through Neuro-linguistic programming in say, a magazine, it can create triggers to go off from this embedded stimuli already rooted in the mind. Yes, lets just say there are Frankenstein type scientists out there whom are evil and creating plans on a neurobiological level to control humans mentally without breaking a sweat for power. No, not all intense lucid dreams mean that you are the most greatest person on earth with super power. In fact, if you are the most humblest person you'll find out the exact opposite and then some. On the other hand, i discovered these Lucid Training Dream Simulations(what i call LTDS) after experiencing the same style of dream in different ways simultaneous numerous times. And i interpreted them with right judgement. Guys this is very real. However, the only way you'll recognize theses type of dreams is through proper prayer, meditation, understanding, lucid experience, and God, Jesus, the way(the infinite mind). Atleast to my knowledge, this is what works for me. As time progresses in this era it becoming more perilous to think critically due to information saturation therefore the infinite mind is opening up the door to experience dreams that help us be able to be victorious and creative in everyday reality. Lets just say that more miraculous things are beginning to occur as us humans advance. The unfolding of once dormant neurons and neurotransmitters of our species is finally activating which is unlocking creative cabinets in uncharted territory of the mind. LTDS dreams prepare the host for future events, signs, wonders, prophecies, health issues, combat, anything that supports the host at the time. I've personally had the privilege to experience an LTDS type dream and figured out only after performing some synonymous feat in waking reality that it seemed to correspond to a dream I may have had last week. Just happens that in the dream I could remember it feeling like i was training for something on the tides of distorted symbolism. The dream foreshadowed the blueprint for a particular circumstance to come, maybe so that i could live to tell about it now, who knows? Anyway, Hope you enjoyed this.