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      What was this about ?

      This is what i have woken up from couple days ago .
      So i'm at my grandpas house, have no idea what i'm doing there .The next thing im lying on my back on one of the beds and everything was blurry . Tried moving , yelling nothing was happening , at this point i hear and see a pink shadow (felt like it was my sister ) approaching and she stops by my feet everything was creepy already.Something clicked and i told myself "it's SP dont be scared you'r dreaming".I suddenly find myself in my own bed , felt like i woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink , just to see my mom there saying "i think the fuse blew" after that the whole room had that creepy feeling and i was back in the first bed trying to move and yell . Now another black shadow ( my mom) joins the other one , i'm scared i try to move , yell nothing works everything "hurts" i tell myself two times i'm dreaming( but probably was to scared to believe it to become lucid or idk) and than i just told myself"this is no dream"after that heard a 3rd shadow coming . When the shadow got close and touched me i woke up with my dad next to me saying " you where dreaming and yelling " and i just said "i know ..." .Last time i had a dream like this(where i can't see/walk) was 10 years ago maybe , didn't really pay attention to what i was dreaming till recently tho so . Had a laugh after waking up thinking how some shadows of my family tried torturing my toes ....

      Was i lucid ? Was i close ? Was i scared

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      Yes, you were lucid. One of the requirements of a lucid dream is being aware that you are inside a dream. The fact that you were able to conclude that you were just dreaming is in itself, lucid dreaming. Too bad you let fear get the better of you. Next time you encounter a similar experience, I suggest being calm and use reasoning to affirm that it is just a dream. Unless your entire family is really plotting against you in real life hehe... Keep up the good work, that's one more step towards lucidity.
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