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      two short dreams

      Hi, I just woke up and wanted to share my 2 short random dreams which I had a few hours ago.

      I will start with my 1st dream.

      I woke up at around 5am to go to the bathroom and then I went back to bed , it took ,I'd say around 30 minutes to fall back asleep and I stood still in the same position which I think this triggered my awareness in my dreams. I was suddenly at my computer in my aunts house and from nowhere a friend of mine appeared near me starting to talk about what grades he got in his exam then I thought that this is kinda strange and I went lucid , the transition from not being aware to be aware was somehow strange , I started to feel my body in my dream and I had control over it , I wanted to go outside (it was daylight) , I went through the kitchen and the entrance door has a blurry window and I could see someone standing outside the door , I opened the door and it was my cousin, a friend of his and my aunt , just chilling , we talked for a few secs like "hi , what's going on?" "how you been?" and then I felt very sleepy in my dream and woke up.

      Now my 2nd dream.

      After I woke up from the 1st dream I immediately drifted in my 2nd one , I woke up home in my bed , I was already lucid from the 1st dream somehow but I remember waking up from it for a second or 2 , I went again to the kitchen in my house and my dad was making food , he seemed to be busy , I asked him "do you know that this is a dream?" and he didn't seem to care , he was too busy making food , I looked on the window and it was cloudy outside but daylight again , and I wanted to throw myself out the window to see what happens since this is a dream (I live on the 2nd floor in a flat) and then I said "what if this is real and I will die?" and I didn't do it. Then I told to my dad that I'm going outside , I opened the entrance door and it was dark , pitch black , I was like "nope" and closed the door. When I went back to the kitchen my mom was there which is dead for 5 years in the real life , but in my dream she was looking on the window , my dad was still there but too busy preparing the food , he didn't seem to be aware that me and my mom are near him , I sat down to talk with my mom , I asked her how was she , if she's ok , she didn't seem to be so talkative , right when she wanted to say something I interrupted her saying "hurry up , at 8am my alarm goes off and I'll wake up" it was 7:20 on the microwave clock in the kitchen , then she wanted to say something again and I got so sleepy in my dream that I closed my eyes in the dream and I woke up in real life. I looked on my phone and it was 7:20am , that freaked me a bit.

      So this is my 4th semi-lucid dream because I had control over my body and the existing objects but not over the plot of the dream , I tried to imagine a chair to appear in the kitchen in my 2nd dream but it didn't appear... but the thing is that I became aware , I could move , feel my body , feel objects , interact with things. In some parts of my dream I couldn't figure out if this is real life or just a dream, It was so confusing. I usually don't get lucid in my dreams when I try , they just happen randomly , like today. The clock thing freaked me out a little , in my 2nd dream , waking up, looking at my phone IRL and seeing that it was 7:20am , just like in my dream , on the microwave clock.
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