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      First lucid experience of the year

      I was sitting at my desk. I am not sure if my desk lamp was on (are lamps ever on in dreams?) because it was dark but not too dark for me to look in my star chart. I've had dreams before where it was so dark I didn't see a thing. But in any case, I was looking at this start chart and I noticed there were quite a lot of stars called Sirius, which I thought was weird so I counted the fingers on my right hand and they were six. (I have five, usually.) Just to make sure and maybe just to try it I tried to turn on my desk lamp (or off... not sure, I pressed the switch) but nothing happened. So I was extra certain I was really dreaming at this point hooray! Two RC's that's a personal record!

      In the past I have always waked up shortly after becoming lucid so this is a fear I have while I'm lucid. I always try to decide really quickly what to do with my dream so I decided I wanted to fly. And I recall some flying but I'm not sure if I was a little too awake at that point, I think I was already feeling like I was in my bed and not exactly soaring through the skies...

      Anyway it was still a step forwards from just freaking out and forcing myself to wake up. Now the question is: how to stay in control and do stuff? I wish it would have occurred to me to just leave the room but it's like I didn't have an enough sense of self or environment, if that makes sense... I don't actually recall seeing any doors so how could it occur to me if I don't see one? But practice makes perfect I guess.

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      Heyy raffifsh ^_^
      Good thing that you had you're first LD
      So for you're question STAYING IN CONTROL:
      So the worst thing that can happen when you become lucid is to be and feel overexcited. If that happens you may wake up at the moment or you're LD will be very short. So you can try rubbing you're hands and telling yourself that you are in control and that everything will be fine, or something like that. It doesn't really matter as long as you are confident.
      For you're second question SELF ESTEEM:
      By the looks of it, you probably just didn't feel you're surroundings. So what you want to do is look around, get an object in youre hand and feel it. Stimulate the senses. That's very important. As for the door. Now there are many ways to get out of buildings, rooms etc. And looking for a door to open won't always help you. I'm not saying its wrong, just that it doesn't always work like you wanted to work. So you can maybe try a different way to ext the room. I suggest spinning. So what you have to do is just get up and spin 2 or 3 times while thinking where you want to go or want to be. You need to set an intention. If that doesn't work either well try spinning around again, but this time when you have done spinning (while thinking where you want yo go of course) fall backwards. This should deffinatly work. Another way if that doesn't work again. Try imagining a window (who said you have to exit trough a door ) and just exit from it.
      Good luck. I hope to hear from you soon! And as you said in the end:
      "Practice makes perfect". ^_^

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