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      My First Lucid Dream In A Long Time!

      Success! I have been so happy today, I was finally able to achieve a lucid dreaming by during a reality check while dreaming (I had six fingers ) A few buddies and I were hanging out that night and watched the Conjuring, which kinda freaked me out a bit. Went to bed around two, and was completely exhausted, along with the fact that I had to wake up at 8 for wrestling practice. Sometime during the night, which is surprising due to how tired I was, I began dreaming that I was being chased by the demon lady in the movie, but did a reality check and instantly realized I was dreaming!

      This next part is hard to describe, but I will try my best. I basically realized I was dreaming and felt like I was sucked out of the current setting and into my sleeping body's head. As in, I was in this vaguely detailed, red surfaced room that I somehow knew to be inside my head. I then got too excited and felt the dream start to fall apart, and I start frantically running around trying to somehow keep the dream stable. I promptly woke up, but the feeling and experience was amazing! Not much of an experience, but this is my first lucid dream in a year, so I'll take anything!

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      Congratz Therome, that sounds pretty cool! Hope you get a lot more lucid dreams

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      Yes...you will always remember your first ! Congratulations and have MANY MANY MORE!
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