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      Darkest lucid I've ever experienced

      I had this lucid about a couple days ago where I was sitting in this place that looked like a classroom, and there were three other people sitting there with me, we were talking about random things, nothing in particular that was really interesting. After what felt like a few minutes I blanked out and when my dream recall increased the three people were now in brown hooded robes standing in a circle with both of their arms in the air. It was at this moment that I became lucid out of no where. I decided to go walk through the walls which took a bit of concentrating to do but I was able to finally get through. There I proceeded to walk out of the school, as I walked out I noticed some policemen with riot gear and automatic rifles gunning down civilians. I then started walking towards the policemen as I noticed one of them had put their gun down. I got it as fast as I could and decided to save the civilians that they were terrorizing, I took out about three until there was one I couldn't kill, he just kept walking towards me with this evil look on his face, I was still very lucid but something struck fear in me, something I've never felt within one of my own non-lucid nightmares. He walked so creepily towards me as I shot him using all of my thought power that I could muster. No matter what I tried nothing would stop him. As he got closer and closer my fear started to build, once he got about 2-3 feet close to me I decided to ask "what do you represent?!" He looked at me with an emotionless, cold, and sinister face and said "I am the bad within you, I am the darkness to your light, and if the spark of light that is within you ever leaves you, I WILL BE THE ONE WHO TAKES OVER!!" I immediately screamed "That will never happen!" After he said that there were blood red veins that started to crawl up his face and started to spread. After that happened I immediately woke up and it was morning, I was frozen stiff from what happened and found it hard to get out of bed. For the rest of the day I would always look behind myself afraid of something and always paranoid about walking around corners, thankfully it subsided by night.

      That concludes my extremely dark lucid, has anyone ever experienced an evil dream character such as this? This dc seemed intelligent considering most of mine ramble on about nonsense. Thanks for any feedback!
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      Woah nice story! Very interesting and scary haha I love those bad dreams as well as the good ones. While it is of course nice to experience really great stuff, it's the scary stuff that can teach us about ourselves in my opinion. I haven't had that many bad DC's yet. I've had a couple attack me, but nothing really scary. More annoying than anything really. My worst DC yet was my own reflection. When I was staring into a mirror I saw my own face slowly turning into a demon face. With a general feeling of dread building up probably not much unlike what you felt when that guy walked up to you.

      Very interesting indeed!
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      If you had full control why didn't you just use elemental control/changing dream scape/flying up to mount Olympus and getting the Greek gods to fight for you

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      i bet his trench coat was awesome

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      I've had some similar experiences or what I would call lucid nightmares involving characters with more intelligence than regular DC's who just will not die. I've had them follow me into several different dreams before and if I wake up and go back to sleep they are still there. I often wonder if they are some sort of demon or astral entity, sometimes they are formless or invisible and its just a force that you can feel causing you pain or discomfort. I have yet to find a solution besides waking yourself up. What can you do if you can't kill it or escape it?

      I really hate forcing myself awake though, especially after hearing about the buddhist thing. In Buddhism, they say when you die you enter the bardo which is like a dreaming state full of fears and nightmares, and if you get overcomed by them (as though trying to force awake) it causes you to reincarnate in a new body. They say if you can learn to recognise that the bardo are projections of your own worst fears and that they are just illusions then you can move onto higher states of enlightenment and not have to reincarnate.

      I remember when I was younger using lucid dreaming to overcome nightmares so I need to get back into doing that. All I would do is stand my ground and remember its not real so it can't physically hurt me. I think with these lucid nightmares we get too paralysed in fear and forget that its not real.

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