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      Yeah still in London.
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      Happy Birthday!
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      I have a very similar experience as you please reply to me through here or at my [email protected]
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      Funny, your avatar is one of my icons for one of my services in my website eheheh.
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      Hey Eonnn, do you come on DV much these days?
      I just searched for 'Australia' and your name came up from a while ago.
      I live in Adelaide now, but I was born in Perth and lived there until I was 8.
      I had natural lucid dreams as a child, but they stopped happening for a while until I learnt how to induce them again at 17.
      Anyway, nice to see a fellow Aussie dreamer around.
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      Happy Birthday
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      happy happy birthday ;D
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    I had my first lucid dream at age 4, at the time i didn't know it was called lucid dreaming, and I've been having them naturally ever since. I have used a number of different techniques to increase the frequency of them, so i have at least one every night now. Most of my dreams are transcendental in nature so be sure to check out my DJ for an interesting read!

    Feel free to PM me.
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    Spirit Guide

    by Eonnn on 12-23-2020 at 06:14 AM
    This is a dream I had back in November 2006, recording it here so I don't lose it again.

    My first few attempts of calling for my SG I would feel an intense energy sensation and wake up. My last attempt I asked a DC if I could speak with my SG and the DC pointed at a lady standing across the room, I could tell this was my SG as I felt her energy and felt honored to be in her presence. I asked her “whats it like to be a spirit?” after that everything's a blur, I woke up about 10 minutes later wondering what happened in those 10 minutes.

    To add to this, I also recall after waking up that day having a feeling like I didn’t fit inside my own body properly, like I was too big for it, that my spirit was more vast than the physical vehicle containing it.


    by Eonnn on 12-24-2016 at 06:56 PM
    I had a sort of astral projection experience where I was sleeping on my bed and could feel my astral body separating from my physical body. I could hear a faint musical rhyme that seemed to be lulling me out of my body. The only words I remember from the rhyme were "dominus invictus" yeah it was in latin and I don't speak latin. The musical rhyme was pleasant and it was a pleasant sensation being slowly pulled away from my physical body lying on the bed. I let the feeling carry me away and I started floating away through my apartment and out the door. I kept letting the rhyme and sensation guide me, letting myself be pulled or attracted to it's source.

    It's night outside and I'm drifting along above the streets below me when I reach a park. I start getting closer to the ground and I see a dark figure running really fast towards me. He jumps up and tries to grab me so I put my hand out to stop him and he bites straight onto my hand. I'm pulled down to the ground and he starts sucking the blood out of me. I can feel it being drained and getting weaker. I keep fighting him and manage to break free, then I wake up in my bed.

    Shared Dream

    by Eonnn on 07-21-2016 at 09:55 PM
    I think I just had a shared lucid dream with a random person I found whilst exploring the dream world!

    I was walking through the city away from a house I owned inside the dream. This was not my home IRL but more like a mansion that was a dream home but it had a sense of familiarity. So anyway I was walking along the road and went around a corner and reached the edge of the city, beyond it basically turned into farmland with no more buildings. The last building I was standing at had a pink wall on one side of the road with a park inside it, and the other side of the road there was a billboard and a playground.

    I realised I had been here once before remembering the pink painted wall but usually I would fly over the farmland from this point on. So I was like "ahh this is cool now I know where to go to get to my dream home from here". Whilst standing there going "oh cool" I began reading the billboard just across the road from the pink wall.

    It read something like "Lucid Dreaming *********" where the asteriks were some abbreviation similar to WBTB (it's always hard trying to read stuff in dreams). After reading it my lucidity increased and I went inside the playground area to check it out. Straight away I had a girl run up to me all excited and ask "omg are you a lucid dreamer?" I replied "Yes!" and we had a long conversation she told me her nickname was "Leeg." which stood for something I can't remember and that they visited a forum but it wasn't dreamviews or LD4all. I told her my nickname and the forums I'm on hopefully she finds me!

    I explained to her how I found this place and we went over to the billboard and I didn't realise before that this was an interactive billboard. For example you could read on it things you could do whilst lucid and it would teach you how. One of the things it said was "self-healing" and it's like the information on how to do this was automatically downloaded into my head. I gave it a shot by jumping into the air waving my hand in the air above my head and say "heal" and I felt a strange sensation travel down my body" and there was a green glow in the air accompanying it. The dream abruptly ended after that.


    I'm very excited by the prospects of this dream. For one thing it means there is at least one shared dreaming location somewhere in the dream world. A lucid dreaming billboard and playground next to a pink painted wall! and another thing it is a city I have been to a few times now so should be able to find it easier. It's really bizarre that I revisit places I have never been to IRL that are dream cities almost like they exist somewhere on the astral but not in waking reality. It's like the dream world is not as vast and endless as one might think it is.

    False awakening

    by Eonnn on 12-25-2010 at 02:37 AM
    I just had this dream last night, and it was quite a memorable false awakening due to the high lucidity, vividness and length. I was quite drunk last night so this may have had something to do with it.

    I woke up in a strangers apartment, with a girl on top of me, and a girl lying in the bed next to me. Its not everyday you wake up to that scene so I was pretty confident I was dreaming, and that it was a false awakening. I was about to just fly through the window and go outside when I thought "I better do an RC first, its probably not a good idea to just jump straight towards the window in case its not a FA" I also remembered that I was drunk last night, so it was slightly possible I wasn't dreaming. I decided to try putting just a couple of fingers through the wall. My first attempt didn't work but I tried again and sure enough the wall went out of phase and my fingers went through. The whole time these 2 girls were trying to convince me it wasn't a FA, as DC's normally do.

    After flying through the window, I flew around checking out the scenery of this city I've never seen before. I think the dream started to fade, or there was a scene change because I suddenly woke up at the airport. Still lucid, I started to ponder what I should do. I decided I would just run a muck. I started walking into restricted areas - just because I can - and dealing with anyone who stood in my way. I then proceeded down the corridors to where there were a few shops and cafes. I went into the shop and just started helping myself to food and what not. Obviously the shop owner didn't like this too much so he tried to stop me. I blasted him with a telekinetic blast, and as I did this I phased the wall behind him so he wouldn't come back.

    Suddenly, every one wanted to have a go at me. It's like everyone in the dream turned against me and I had people running into the shop from all directions. Up until this point I had been wondering what I could do, but now I was presented with a great opportunity to improve on my fighting skills. I started blasting everyone with this telekinetic blast and phasing the walls behind them so they were blasted straight through the wall - out of sight, out of mind. The telekinetic blast itself looked really cool like a fluorescent shockwave, I would thurst my palms towards them when they were close enough, like a type of martial arts move. I felt extremely powerful and I was having so much fun. My martial arts skills were improving at an exponential rate, I began pulling moves that I've only seen Jet Li or Jackie Chan do. Eventually the dream began to fade and I woke up.

    Being born

    by Eonnn on 12-22-2010 at 01:08 PM
    Well this is the most fkd up dream I ever had. As you may have guessed from the title I re-lived the memory of being born - fully aware. It was the most horrific experience, and I was unable to stop it or force-awake, and when I woke up I felt so dirty! Skip this next part if you want, I won't blame you.

    I dreamt I was submerged in water, and everything was black, I was lucid and I somehow knew I was in my mothers womb. The thoughts running through my head at this point: "sh!t! I gotta get out! holy crap!... argh I can't wake up! OH NO! I don't like where this is going..." Next thing I know, I slide backwards like being tilted in place ready to be born. You can imagine just what is running through my head at this point. I get squeezed out my mothers vagina into the hands of a doctor and I'm placed on a table looking at my mother. Uck!