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      First lucid dream in a while last night!

      It was a few weeks since I had my last lucid dream, but I got one last night.

      I had set my alarm clock on 7:00 AM, and went out of my bed in waking life at that time, but then I decided to go back to sleep again.
      Then after I had been lying in bed for some time I suddenly got the idea that I was going to try to hear one of my family members calling for me, because that would be a great dreamsign since I study right now, and live more than 500 miles away from them at the moment.
      And sure enough, I actually started hearing my little brother calling for me "from downstairs" (another dreamsign, since my student apartment only has one floor ).
      This was enough to make me lucid, and with some struggle I managed to leave my bed - I must say it feels very strange to move away from a dream bed, it's almost as if I tear myself away from my physical body or something.
      Have you ever had that feeling?

      Anyway, I left the bedroom, and I was in a small hallway with some U-shaped stairs straight ahead that were leading down (and turning anti-clockwise) - and I tried my best to stay in the dream but also to remain relaxed at the same time.
      Then I went outside, and I started noticing that the dream became more and more vivid until it was almost crystal clear, and I started running lightly, and I laughed at myself when I realized that I was actually asleep, even though I vigorously moved around in the dreamworld.

      I was on a vast meadow, and I ran to the left of a stream that had trees and bushes growing beside it.
      I started wondering if I should jump up and fly away, but then decided to just walk around on foot and explore a bit.
      After a while, I reached a pasture next to a small road, and the ground slanted down a bit right next to the road
      (so that the road was on a somewhat higher elevation than the pasture).
      I went at sat down there next to a cute girl, and talked to her a bit and then we started getting more and more intimate.
      At this point I think I started to wake up, and the dream made me feel great.
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