All my life I've had these weird dreams about going on road trips with my family. They are similar in the fact they always involve going to some kind of freshwater spring, or coming back from a trip I can't even remember going to. Also, these dreams are absurdly long, at times feeling like they last several days. Anyways, about a month or two ago, I had one of these dreams again. It went through the usual motions; I was coming back with my sister from some unknown trip, while riding a motorcycle (I don't even know how to drive one.) I was on the final stretch of road before arriving at my house, suddenly I turn to my sister, who is riding on her own motorcycle next to me, and ask out of the blue, "Am I dreaming?" An interesting to note is that I hadn't done anything related to lucid dreaming at all during that time, but I digress. So, my sister answer "Yes." However, I don't believe her and basically say to myself "There is no way a dream could be this real. If this is a dream, then my motorcycle could fly." So, I look over to my sister's motorcycle and lo and behold, it's flying off into the sky.

This experience not only thought me a thing or two about lucid dreaming, but rekindled my interest in lucid dreaming.