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      I don't know what I experienced

      I'm not really good at explaining, but I hope you guys get this
      Also, This is my first ever topic on this website, and I'm fairly new to it, so I apologize if this is the wrong section or anything

      So every time, or atleast most of the time, when I go sleep at my grandmother's house, and only her house, I get a reoccuring dream.
      It seems so real to me, because in my dream, I basically wake up, get up and try and go to the bathroom. (embarassing, but because I'm horny and want to masturbate) and depending on where I fell asleep is the area i would be in when i wake up in my dream. Which screws with my brain because I feel like it's reality. But i barely ever get to the bathroom, my eyes are half open, I'm half asleep and it feels like there's a weight on me and I can barely move. So before I get to the bathroom, I fall asleep again and wake up again BUT STILL IN MY DREAM.
      And it happens over and over again to the point where I can no longer tell if I'm dreaming or if it's reality cause either way I'm waking up in the same place I fell asleep and I'm walking through the same house... And I hate it.

      Now that you got the backstory, bare with me on this.. I know it's a lot to read I'm sorry >.<
      I don't know if people don't mind reading a lot here or not..

      So yesterday, I arrived at my grandma's place and decided to take a nap because I'm fasting and I was really hungry at the time. And this is when my brain decided to REALLYYY screw with me.
      Which I feel like is mind blowing after actually thinking about it.
      So I layed down on the couch, and decided to take a nap. Basically what i could see in front of me, was a table with a vase on it, the living room to the left, and whilst I was trying to fall asleep, in the backround there was my older sister on the phone kinda yelling and arguing with her mom.
      After falling asleep for a while, I woke up. Here's the catch, i woke up in my freaking dream.
      But this time it was a bit different, only my eyes opened and I could see what I saw before i went to sleep, which was the vase on the small table, the living room to the left and i could hear my sister in the background yelling on the phone. So it seemed soo real to me. But I couldn't move. So I was like s**t, am I enduring sleep paralysis? So I started to freak out, and when I did I immediately started to hear weird creepy sounds, so I was like to myself "wtf are you doing, calm down and you'll be fine" so I calmed myself down and the weird sounds stopped right that second. So it was only there for a brief second.
      After that, I started to suspect that I was dreaming, because I was immediately able to stop the creepy sounds in my head, so I thought of preforming a reality check.
      So naturally, I moved my arm and looked at my hand, it wasn't there. Well it was, but it was all vague-like.. So I was like holy s**t. I'm dreaming!
      And because I freaked out, I think, the dream started to fade away because I was conscious in my dream. But I stopped freaking out and concentrated really hard, trying my best to maintain myself in the dream. I then tried to lucid dream, I tried to imagine things and make things appear and stuff, but it didn't work. I was stuck there, paralysed again.
      In my opinion, I think I was conscious i was dreaming, but only in my dream, and that it was all apart of the dream, and in reality my actual conscious mind wasn't.. "conscious".
      Afterwards, my little cousin came to kiss me on the cheek, but I was paralysed. He had to go to school, so he just kissed me on the cheek and left. When he did that I tried my best to move but I couldn't, I tried holding my breath to break the paralysis, but that didn't work either, i tried concentrating on my arm only but it wouldn't move. So i just breathed in and out super hard hoping he'd notice but he didn't cause he was in a hurry and left running.
      And after some time, I finally woke up, or I guess could finally move, got up and grabbed my phone to text my friend all about it. I still doubted if I was actually awake or not, i started to doubt reality at that point, but i looked at the palm of my hand and everything seemed normal, so I continued on with my day.

      The thing is, later at night I spoke to my little cousin and he told me that yeah, he did kiss me on the cheek before he left for school.
      and that's what really ******** with my head.
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      You experience what are called false awakenings. This is great because it makes lucid dreaming a lot easier! You just do a reality check every time you wake up to catch them.

      When you dream, you have your senses from both your waking body and your dream body. This is a defense mechanism to alert you if something dangerous is happening to you in waking life while you're dreaming. It's neat that you were dreaming what was happening around you in waking life!

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