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      experiences with HH

      Last few years I have HH(hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations) quite often and during full consciousness... I remember once I woke up and saw that common spider with tiny legs which can be often found on corners of our rooms...you know... but this one has a size of a kitchen's plate for eating and he was hanging from a ceiling few meters away (150 - 200 inches) from me... he was moving with his legs and everything was perfectly realistic... I was starring at him (I was calm - aware he was just an illusion) for several seconds and then just looked few inches away and he just dissapeared... during this all I was completely awake and free to move (so I wasn't In sleep paralysis)

      another experience I remember was right after sleep paralysis... I kept my eyes closed and complete scenery appeared - it looked like inside of some old house and in the middle there was a table and moon was shining on it but the light from moon was mooving really quickly as If one hour would take only few seconds... It was so awesome and so creepy at the same time... again I was already fully awake during this - no SP... and after like 10-20 seconds I opened my eyes to end this cause it was a little scary scenery and it was really almost as realistic as reality and I was afraid of something scary popping out or smt like that.

      This one happened just few days ago... again hypnopompic hallucinations... I woke up and looked at my wall just near me - normally there is a white wall but I was hallucinating a thick wooden coloury wall in front of that white wall and tried to touch that wooden wall with physical hand to see what happens and my hand went through that wall after a few seconds hallucination vanished...

      What do you guys think about it? what are your experiences?
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