I'm new here, just made my account. Thought I'd post my experience and see if anyone has suggestions for more lucid dreams and/or explanations to what my dream(s) meant. Thanks

Several years ago, I was bored online and somehow ended up looking into lucid dreams. I never really knew what to expect, but I downloaded some audio file that was supposed to induce lucidity and listened to it at night, hoping to experience something. Nothing happened. I kind of lost interest and never really tried again.

Last night, I somehow looked into lucid dreaming again. It was about 10:00pm when I started looking and I found a website giving advice. I just kind of read over it quickly and kept in mind a few pieces of advice they gave.
It said to keep saying to yourself "This is just a dream", and to look at your hands. The method to gain lucidity was to wake up 2 hours before you would normally wake up, just for a second, without even opening your eyes and trying not to move. I normally wake up around 7am, so I set an alarm for 5am. I woke up on my own 4:58am (checked the time for a second, turned my alarm off), and kept saying in my mind, "This is just a dream." I lied there (on my back) for what seemed like a while, without any luck. Then I turned to my stomach, for a while. Then, for a moment I got a really weird feeling, as if I was high. All of a sudden, I felt like I teleported. I was laying down in my basement, head bobbing (as if trying to stay awake), I looked around, realized I was dreaming without checking my hands or saying anything. I felt a big rush of excitement, but managed to control it. It was very dark in the basement, but the TV was quietly on. I got up and started to walk to the door. I looked outside and saw that it was snowing very hard (which kind of scared me because it is mid summer right now). After I saw the snow, I felt cold and noticed I had my winter jacket on. It also felt hard to breathe. Then I started to walk around a little more into 2 or 3 different rooms that I didn't recognize. I remember thinking to myself what should I do next. I tried to imagine a friend appearing, but nothing happened. Finally, I looked at the staircase leading upstairs, and woke up.

I ended up having 3 more non lucid dreams afterwards, waking up in between each one.

I guess I will describe the other dreams in the Dream Interpretation subforum since they were non lucid.

Overall, it was a very fun experience and hope to have more.