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    Thread: Thought I teleported

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      Thought I teleported

      I tried to see how high up I could fly in a lucid dream last night. My heart was pounding as the sky changed from blue to black and I was feeling a little afraid for some reason. I stopped to soak in my surroundings, which I could go on and on about, but let me get to the point. A bolt of lightning or something hit me and I fell straight back down to earth. I landed on my back in the middle of a parking lot lit up by orange streetlights. When I got up I was convinced I was back in waking life and that I just somehow teleported to where I was. I don't know why that sounded like the logical answer to me but it makes me laugh thinking about it. It wasn't a false awakening but more like getting the lucid smacked out of you, and losing a few marbles in the process.
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      Haha, that's great

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      Nothing to worry about.Your brain probably mixed up reality and dream (That actually happens a lot, but you don't remember any of it or you just wake up normally).your brain is creating a dream but when he wants to wake up motor system and coordination system just hit the snooze button and stay at sleep and then your brain must force your body to wake up.That is why you felt like lucid was smacked out of you .

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