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    Thread: Put a smile on a problem's face

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      Put a smile on a problem's face

      I'm flying and singing, all happy, fully lucid, when some giant people come to hurt me. I push away some of them. Then, i see 4 of them, standing and pointing machine guns at me. Instead of running or fighting, i quicky stand near them and start smiling. One of them, looks at me with the same angry face, then he begins to smile and quickly throws out the gun as if thinking: "Man, this is stupid. This guy is cool and all. Let's get along." And then we went to drink beer. :p

      My interpretation of this dream is: Good thing are happening to me now, but there's always some problems and obstacles that will appear to make me go down. But if i confront them with a smile on my face, it will go away easy.
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      Great I love that happening That's what it's all about for me - transformation whenever needed
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