hey, so im just now wanting to get some answers on what some may think my dreams may have been about.

first ill give a brief summary about my self during the first time of my dream.

i was around the age of i want to say 18 years old or 19 years old. non religious. at that time in my life i was addicted to pills. Oxycodone/Acetaminophen (Percocet) to be exact. was addicted for a total of one or two years then moved to heroine. i was not shooting it (using syringe) i was smoking it. i used to get so high that i would pass out where i was and wake several minutes later. with that it would put me in instant deep sleep basically. i worked multiple jobs in a wearhouse edging glass of all sorts of sizes. i drove all the time, had good friends, parents were always there for me kinda unaware of me doing what i was doing.

anyway. the dream.
my dream started off as they always did randomness of stories and situations only lasting what seemed to be a couple minutes. then i had a long one where i was in control for the most part, but it was new because it would alternate from a first person to a third person. i was walking through some woods (there is no woods or anything like so near me where i lived) with friends of mine. but these friends of mine i had not seen in awhile in reality. we were walking around, heading in a general direction when me and my friend who i never really cared for got into an argument and it seemed so real, i felt my heart racing, the sweat rolling down my face and the nervousness from the adrenaline. he said "keep it up and ill kill you i swear" i thought about it and replied back with "DO IT, kill me" with one swing one hit i dropped and i was out cold. at this time i was out of body but still felt the same, but was staring down at my body and thinking oh crap im dead and alone no one around to claim my body, just left to rot.

As i stood there kinda freaking out, i realized i had full control of my movements. so i was looking around unaware of where to go. and i never thought to myself "wake up" a lady appeared from the distance. she was a sweet lady very soft voice very calming. she was very tall for a female. i was at least 5'10 and she had to been 6'4. she wore a white dress nothing special about it, plain white. i asked her what happened looking at my body. and she told me that i died and that i needed to come with her and she would explain some more on the way. we went off on our way. i don't remember exactly what questions were asked. but it felt like i was with my mom i was very comfortable with her, i asked where we were going. and she said something about how we needed to find out for sure. instantly i knew she might have been talking about my death. we came to someplace not to sure where i cant really remember but it was a dark room but i could see the edges and see the depth of this area that was more of a hallway. we started down the hall and went in a door where there where lights on the cieling, tile on the floor, and the walls were a grayish paint nothing exciting. and the room was empty. we stopped and she told me that i needed to basically be strong for what comes next. what lied beyond the next door would be the deciding factor of if i am actually dead or not, the choice will be up to me. i thought about it thanked her and she turned around and left the area.

i woke up. it was interesting but didnt think to much of it other then wow one hit and i died aha brushed it off. i never had another dream like it till maybe a year or 6months later in life. i was still using drugs i didnt have a job my parents knew almost everything they needed to know about my addiction, and life was hard.

second dream.
i fell asleep and woke up in my room laying down but i was dreaming still. i got up and looked back amazed that i was doing what i was doing aha i saw my body there still in bed sound asleep. took a couple steps and noticed that there was a hatch below me that led down a staircase to a door that was illuminated around the edges. i opened it up and went down the stairs and into the door i was back in that same plain grey room looking at the door that i needed to go through if i wanted to. of course i had to see what there was beyond the door.

i opened it up and went through and was greeted by lots of old friends from my first high school every friend i grew up from elementry and junior high. it was awsome, i had such great relief to see them there. they were all in white as well like t shirts and white levi jeans and girls were in white sundresses. everyone was standing around having a good time talking and some would notice me and call my name out happy to see and people would turn and smile happy as well since it had been a long time since any of us talked. my old best friend adam walked up and shook my hand and asked me what i was doing there? and that he was shocked that he saw me there. i asked what the place was. he didnt really have an answer he kinda diverted away from the question, but said this is where youll find out if you are ready, thats what we are all doing here just waiting. i asked if he might have known the lady i saw? and he said yes she was great and pointed her out, i smiled, happy to see her. i was ready to ask her what i need to to do to find out what there was to know. i told adam id be back and i made my way to the lady in white. she said hello and said that she was very happy to see everyone be happy that i was there and saw that i had a big smile on my face since the last time we first met. i asked her what was next and she said that i need to go over to the desk and talk to the gentalman to see what would happen. so i made my way over to the desk and there sat a man with what i think i remeber a a medium grey and brown beard on a weatherd man he didnt look to tall since he was sitting down and he was a little chubby. he greeted me by my first name and started to tell me what i need to do.

the man told me that i had to take a pill and down it with water. and what would happen would would make the desicion for me but it would take some time and i still have the choice to leave and to think about what i wanted to do. i asked what would happen to me if i took it right then and there and he told me that if nothing happened after taking it then that would mean i would move on that i was ready. and if i wasnt ready then i would throw up.

i wanted time to think, i only thought about it and the lady was right there telling me to come with her. i got back to the door where the staircase would be back up to my room and she was gone. and i woke up agian.

thinking nothing of it agian other then just it being a dream.
i dont remeber how much longer it has been but i had the same out of body experience and got up and noticed the hatch agian. i was so happy to have this dream. i knew what was next i knew i wanted to take the pill, and i wanted to see all my old friends. i made my way down the stair case and to the door where everyone was at. but when i got into the big room. no one was there, none of my friends not the lady in white just a desk on the far side with the man behind it. i walked up said hello and i wanted to take that pill, i wanted to know. i was ready. he handed down the pill and a cup of water and i slammed it back drinking the water right after. the man sat there and just looked at me and i waited i didnt know what i was to suspect. truthfully i didnt want anything to happen so i could be "ready"

nothing was happening and so i looked up to the man and said so i guess im ready? and right after i said that i threw up.

the lady in white came up out of no where and started to lead me somewhere else and said i guess it wasn't my time yet. she led me back through the woods and to my body. my body was still there just rotting and almost nothing left for skin and organs were gone as if the birds and animals ate away most of it. i asked the lady if i would see her again and she said more then likely i would not, but it was time for her to go. at that time i was back in my body and standing up from the ground in the woods brushing myself off and i had my skin and i was fine as if i was never rotting. i then woke up and was kinda disappointed that i would probably never have an experience like that ever again.

i am now clean off drugs and living a perfect life have a great job a new car and engaged.
can anyone help make since of this or has anyone had the same experience.