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      Alter (Evil? or pure?) Self

      I was in a black suit. Black fedora as well. Sitting on a black wooden chair with a gray lightning streak crackle on it. In front of me is myself, but in a white suit, white fedora and red eyes. He smiles at me and looks up, i look up with him and the sun combines with the moon and turns blood red. We both look at each other and i see behind him figures i dreamed of previously, but with another feature. They are blue ghost like figures with a black aura, and they are very negative feeling. The new feature is a monster like mouth that goes half way across their heads with a demonic like tongue. It seems as if an army of them is behind my alter self and he points at me, saying "I control you now!" And the ghost like things run into me, and i seem to absorb them, but it makes my suit and skin gray and fog like. Misty. Then i look back at my alter self and his red eyes flash and i wake up. I have constant dreams of demonic things, places that seem to mean something to others, and possible future events. It worries me to the point i want to find out their meaning. And it is of the upmost timing to do so.

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      And it is of the upmost timing to do so.
      Any particular reason for this great urgency? It's a common experience, I think, to dream of yourself at your worst possibility. It's a fear. You see it in media occasionally, too: the bad future where the big bad is—spoilers—YOU.

      It's also a great way to combat nightmares. "I am WAY scarier than any of you monsters."

      I pick up a half-eaten copy of a book by Neil Gaiman, and decide this is all his fault.

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