Hi everyone. Last night, I had a lucid dream without trying to, it was the first one since I quit trying because I was getting nowhere (about 1 year ago). Now the dream I had was semi-lucid. I was kind of controlling things, but at the same time not a lot. I was kind of feeling things, but not a lot.

My dream was me in school, we were outside in the car park until something happened and I decided to look and count my fingers. I had 6. At this point I knew I was lucid dreaming, so I started flying across the school. And one of my teachers who was present in one of my other dreams told me to keep it a secret, but I kept flying. Until I saw this hot guy from my school and we ended up have sex.

I mean I couldn't feel the wind or me walking or anything like that but I REALLY could feel the sex. I'm not sure if my dream was first or third person. Everything seemed vivid at the time but looking back it wasn't so vivid.

Now my question is, how could I achieve a higher level of lucidity and increase my chances of getting lucid dreams on the daily?

I've read up that I should do mental reality checks as well as physical but that's all I found out.

I am really having a rough time at the moment and after I had this dream I was happy. It felt empowering. I really want to continue this.