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    Thread: A Lucid Experience

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      A Lucid Experience

      I have been able to Lucid Dream for a couple of years now. Instead of doing some technique to dream such as looking at my hands for a certain amount of time, or telling myself to dream of something I don't do anymore. I just imagine a place in my head and there I am. Let's say I want to dream of a city, ill imagine it for around 10 minutes while I fall asleep and there I am. Detail and everything is great, and for a while now my dreams have been gaining length. I can do ANYTHING I want in them. From flying across the city, to completely shifting to another area such as a forest, I can do anything. For about 3 years I have done this every night, but one dream 1 month ago stood out. Let's begin in my city.

      I started the dream in my city. I don't know how to explain it, but imagine something like Los Angles, but cleaned up and beautiful. People walking everywhere, busy going somewhere I don't know of. Shops everywhere, and full on sunshine. I walk around for a bit, trying to find my friends or family, and when I was walking for about 3 minutes, everyone vanishes and it turns dark. I find a bridge, crossing a stream of water and look out into it. It was well lit and I felt safe. I was planning to fly off from here, but I couldn't, something felt wrong. I look over to my right and saw a girl standing there holding a knife. At this point I begin to realize that this is a nightmare and I try to change my thoughts to something else. I turned around and ran. For about 5 minutes it felt like I was in a horror movie. She knew where I would run and where I was going. The worst part of the dream was that I was lucid. The ENTIRE time I felt like I was running slow, it felt like I was cold. Eventually when the dream was about to end, I was stabbed by her. 3 times to be exact. The first time it hurt, second time it hurt worse, third time is when the dream ended. I carried on the rest of the day thinking not much of it until I dreamed the next night. Same person, different location, same death. This has been carrying on for about 1 month and its different each time. Some nights that I don't dream i'm ok. But whenever I dream its the same death every time. I go on the offensive, I get stabbed. I hide, I get stabbed. I managed to fly once, but that ended with her managing to get me when I landed. What does this mean? Why is it the same death every time? I have a notebook that I log in every night to study my dreams. I have found many things about my dreams. Some of them are creepy and weird, others are awesome. I will update later.
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      I've dreamed of getting stabbed multiple times. It reminds me of the movie The Professional, where Leon talks about the different weapons assassins use. The most skilled assassin uses a knife, because it requires you to be the closest to your enemy. Knives are quite personal and cut deep. Possibly there is something or someone (even perhaps yourself) that is unknowingly or consciously trying to hurt you. Who is the girl? Does she remind you of someone you know or have known? The times I have been stabbed, it's usually by an ex that I've had trouble moving on from because it hurt so bad. But, everyone is different.

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