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      Multiple Lucids In One Night

      1st Lucid Dream- It was at this point that my memory of the dream first began, and I realized I was dreaming. I began to think to increase my awareness. I yelled into the dream, "Increase awareness, Increase understanding, Be With God, and some other similar statements". When I did this, my awareness increased greatly. I was in a circle with people. We drew on our chests with sharpies. We all drew a sort of square. As we did this, our awareness increased greatly. I felt euphoric and one with everything. I felt like I was in a true state of enlightenment, like total ego death. I remember someone saying, "It's not psychedelics, but it has just as much of an impact on you." After a period in this euphoric state, I woke up.

      2nd lucid dream- I was on North Street in Pittsfield, MA near where I grew up. I talked to some people. I chatted with a guy named Kevin who was with a Scout Troop I was in as a kid. I was aware I was dreaming, but we just talked about normal stuff. We chatted for a while. Then, some other people came on the scene. I hung out with them for a good bit. Then, someone else came around. He looked very hillbilly-ish and he was quite heavy. He hugged me, and I hugged him for a while. Then, he randomly whipped out a 9mm pistol and began shooting at me. The bullets all landed around me as I fled the fenced area we were standing in. I made my escape, luckily. Then, I somehow ended up in a corridor that appeared similar to a locker room. The corridor felt very real, and the water I splashed on myself from the sink felt very real. Then, I woke up.

      3rd lucid dream- In my dream, I wondered if I was dead. I knew I was dreaming, but I wondered if my life previously was in fact an afterlife of a dead person. It was rather reminscent of a morning glory seed trip I had some time back. I felt myself in a white abyss as if I was dead. Then, as time went on, I felt myself come back into my body. However, I had seen myself as "dead" and having been in an "afterlife" situation from a previous life.

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      Really awesome. I especially like it when DCs say profound things that stick with you.

      Congrats! What technique did you use?

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