Yes, I had a lucid dream tonight and I want to talk about it. First im gonna tell the story and ask a few simple questions later which im hoping to get an answer. It's also my first long post so hold back the hate.

So, a little backstory: I have learned and tried lucid dreaming a while ago. I tried lucid dreaming for a month like a year ago and which got me 2 lucid dreams. My first one was when I didn't wake up and I wasn't in total control. The second one was when I suddenly woke up because I realized it was a dream. The third lucid dream never came and I gave up. I started trying to lucid dream because of one dream which motivated me. That dream was on 16th of Nov. It was 21 days ago (3 weeks ago). Now today I got my third ever lucid dream which im happy about because some people train very long and fail at getting a lucid dream. When I started I was really motivated like I said and did like 30 RC's or more per day and I was really hoping to get one. As time went by I didn't try much anymore. Did a few RCs per day and couldn't get some dreams to my journal. So I tried to do something about it and thought that some people set the alarm for 5 AM. So I tried to do it to practice FILD and maybe even get lucid but that never has worked for me. For a week I tried to do FILD at 5 AM because im so tired at that time. But first times I just turned off the alarm and went back to sleep without even realizing what I was supposed to do and it frustrated me a lot. Now the last 2 days I woke up and tried to do it. First time I fell asleep without even realizing and second time didn't work. At the night someone woke up to go to the bathroom from my family and switched on the light. (I could see it through the door). It wasn't a false awakeing because I did an RC and I went back to sleep after that. That was after FILD which was near to the 6-7 hour REM cycle and where I got lucid.

The dream I had was 100% lucid. It wasn't a short one because I fell asleep at like 12 AM (12 o'clock at night sth). I woke up 5 hours later. REM cycle should be at like 4:50 - 5:10 something but im not sure. I tried FILD as I said and it didn't work. Woke up later becuase of a family member and entered a dream. about 6 AM. I have now tried to question the reality when it is dark because most of my dreams are during the night or sth like that.

Same happened to this dream where I got lucid, it was dark outside and the enderman from Minecraft made me run but I never actually saw it. The dream lasted very long compared to my other lucid dreams and it is because the REM cycle was longer. I would say it lasted for 3-4 minutes. Then I stopped and looked at my hands and questioned the reality. (All the lucid dreams I have got are when I looked at my hands). I realized I was in a dream instantly! Now comes the part where I wish I would have a god damn better dream recall. I then somehow got next to a house and it was daytime. I realized I have so many things to do and couldn't choose what to do. I have no idea why I didn't try flying. I think it is because I have learned that you should take time to understand dream world and I set that as my goal. I observed things, touched them and it felt so real. Like it was acutally real life. First I touched a glass and tought that why not hit it. Then my brain tought I would get hurt and I didn't do it. blank I got inside the house somehow and my uncle was there. I asked him if he knows that it is a dream and he said "YES". After that I asked the same question more 2 times and he said YES all the time! blank Then I was somehow next to a plant outside where I touched it and observer it. It felt real again! It was really vivid at the time but I yelled more vivid! and it got even more vivid! I know that it was so vivid because I tought that to myself in the dream. Now that I look back I think it wasn't so vivid but it is because of my bad dream recalling. Then the dream ended somehow and woke up at 6.36 AM. I am so amazed that I asked a dream character if I was dreaming and he said yes. Before that night I read a handy flowchart that was made by r_stronghammer, you can read his/her post here! I got the idea to ask my dream character that from there.

TL: DR had an amazing lucid dream which was caused by looking at my hands and maybe also because trying FILD before that dream (FILD didn't get me lucid though I think becuase I stopped doing FILD before I went to sleep again at 5 AM becuase it didn't work) and also playing Minecraft IRL helped me question the reality in a dream.

So my question is: Was it really a MILD technique? If so then how can I train it more because that seems to work the best for me (im a beginner kinda). Could the FILD technique and other stuff keep me alarmed and under my consciousness?