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      the Power of Dream Chianing!

      Sometimes I honestly can't believe how effective dream chaining is. If I have one lucid dream I can always chain into 3-6 more. Last night I became lucid in one of my earlier dreams and by the end of the night I had 6 lucid dreams. The only downfall to chaining is I can do it 6to 8 times a night but if I never become lucid in a earlier dream it is more difficult for me. And also once I get past 4/5 dreams remembering details become harder. I also tend to have false awakenings occasionally the longer I chain. But the point of this post is too encourage beginners and even intermediate lucid dreamers like myself to really put an effort in chaining. There are guides on here which have helped me learn to chain. If you don't already you might want to put an effort towards learning this amazing and effective skill. In my experience as I am losing my dream towards the end of my Lucid's I keep in my head that I'm about to wake up and to stay concentrated on the next dream. Suddenly my whole body gets this shaking feeling and once my shaking stops I am in the dream. I open my dream eyes and bam I'm in my dream I proceed to RC , ground myself to the dream and remind myself out loud that I am in a dream. I love it. And I know you will too. Thanks for reading

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      That's amazing! You are right, the power of DEILD is incredible. You could pretty much exclusively lucid dream by doing WILD in the middle of the night as well as chaining it together.

      P.S. I think this would belong in the "Attaining Lucidity" forum. You aren't really describing a lucid experience here XD.
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