Hi i just had lucid now, techinuqes i guess its wild, becouse in a morning i laying in my bed dont trying anything just rolling from one to other side a lot of times and then i probably sleept becouse in dream i just rememeber moment when i knew im dreaming i dont remember how i did rc or smth becouse i think i didnt.Ok short story, i jumped down i talk with few dc told them im dreaming then i ask them few questions few seriously questions and they just ammm i say what ammm they say you said ammm. Then i said them i will beat that shi.t from you, but then i go outside with one dc to fly, i run run and jump i fell on a ground but i feel little pain and a cold ground was very realistic, then i saw someone jumping in a field i think hmm maybe another real person in lucid dream but it was cartoon man who cry when i said ur not my guide but then i relax him after i talk with him and failed my fly i walk to a dc girl, she show me a tits, i put my D*ck in her mouth and i cumm in few secconds and i wake up
dream was about 5mins.
It was weird becouse that cartoon man told me that we played some time before with him.. can be that its my dream guide and i dont remember some lucids?