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      Hi, good to see you're still around. I'm (yet again) working on starting up my dreaming practice. We'll see where it goes!
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      Hi, you still around?

      That post you made a long time ago about the wall between dreams and waking life is pretty good.

      Do you have skype or discord?
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      Hey Nfri,
      I will reply to your PM when I have some more time.
      I'd love to participate in your experiment, too!
      I'm testing galantamine/choline at the moment, is it okay to use a combo?
      I tend to drink apple juice during WBTB as well... I'm not sure if it has an effect, but it may change the results.
      Would you rather I stick with one supplement at a time?
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    Vivid lucid dream after a long time

    by Nfri on 08-04-2016 at 04:54 PM
    Iím with group of people near to a pond. Itís grilling party during day. One older guy set my grandpa on fire and run away. Iím shocked and worried about him. I realize itís a dream. Iím still worried so I tried to change the time 5 minutes back like in the movie About the time. I Somehow did and tried to stop the man attacking my grandpa. He still tries to set him on fire, but he has minor wounds. Then the aggressor run away in his car. Our neighbor take his bicycle with gun infront. I want to chase him as well, but I know itís dream and I should spend my time better. So I jump in the air and complete my first task Ė fly. I land on the window roof and go in. I now need to explore the big buildings behind. I exploring every room. They are very strange rooms full of different things. I see it as my consciousness. I go deeper and deeper and finally I arrive at weirdly shaped plastic door. The corridor is very tiny and when I try to open it. There is another door immediately behind. There is like 20 maybe more doors. I push them all but at the end I cant go further. I hear some strange noises coming from the place I came. Some weird shaped creatures trying to attack me. It happens sometimes when Iím long time in a lucid dream. Dc started to attack me. Iím fully lucid and suppress all the fear and I realize Iím the GOD. I focus my anger energy towards the creatures and blow them away. Feeling good. I saw small tunnel on the right side. Itís so small that my body barely fits in. Crawling deeper I start to feel bit claustrophobic. I need to get out. Finally I see another window and I jump away. Feeling good again. There are some people. I remember from movie Lucy how she instantly make everyone fall asleep. I try it. Nothing happened. I focus no my god energy and DCs fall on the ground. I wake up.

    last night of competition

    by Nfri on 02-08-2015 at 12:16 PM
    I'm having sex with hot a red head girl. Arousal is my common dream sign so I become lucid. I stabilize dream and continue...

    I find myself in a strange small room in a flat. I'm standing in the center of the room. I remember that I need to teleport myself. I put hands infront of my eyes a start to spin. I expect teleport somewhere else. When I open my eyes I found myself in the large room standing on the bed. The dream is not stable so I do my stabiliization technique.

    I'm on our meadow. It's a sunny warmy day. I immediately know that I need some points for competition. The image is not very stable so I sit down and do some stabilization. I tear and eat the green grass. Gram a phone from my pocket and turn it on. It works fine. I jump to the air and fly over the lake.

    Competition day 8

    by Nfri on 02-03-2015 at 11:48 AM
    Iím in a church/graveyaed/sport/icehockey area. I play footbal. When the match is over, I met my dad on the road. He was play icehockey. When I see him, I realize this is my dream sign. I jump in the air and levitate. I see Mcdonalnd near. I land there and go in. There is my girl with a daughter which look like younger her. I think sheís mine and itís a good feeling even I know itís a dream. I take some burgers and taste it. I eat it wrapped in the paper. The paper doesnít taste good. Then I do mass telekinesis. I focus hard and when I perform it, the dream become unstable. Iím trying to run and touching the walls. It stabilizes. Iím in the bathroom. See my friend from the past on the toilet. I ask him to quickly give me pandra box. He closes the door and then open with a small silver/black box. I feel like the dream is slowly fading. I open the box and there is a wird small triangle made of unidentifiable matter. Wake up.
    lucid , task of the year

    5. day of competition

    by Nfri on 01-29-2015 at 11:30 AM
    Iím in a shopping centre. I go up on the escalator. A guy goes down. He has wierd purplish eyes. I have fake memory that I met him in my city. I donít feel good about him. I ask myself if this is a dream. Breathing trhough my closed nose for not short time until I get it. This is dream. I remembering what to do. I know I should try teleport but I still remember on something important. I wanne see a new logo. I see a shopper guy. Ask him for the magazine. He replays ĄNow we donĎ have thisĎĎ. I need to find a newsstand or something. Ask a guy whoís selling beads or something. He give it to me. The font looks robust. I open it and there is some artistic fonts inside. Try to remember them. Iím not very excited about them, but atleast something. Now I wanna fly. I fly very fast on the hallway. There is a stand and I hit it in enormous speed with my crotch. I fall on the ground. It hurst, but Iím okay. I see a party. There are lots of girls and my friend from elementary school. He has two spanish girl friends. I think Iím loosing lucidity. Two blonde girls came to me and take off her shirt. I touch a boob and wake up.

    jpg images

    26.1. - 3. days of competition

    by Nfri on 01-27-2015 at 02:02 PM
    Alien fight
    Iím watching the TV upstairs in the living room. There is not tv in real. Mum and grandma come and sit on the sofa. I donít like the movie so I go away. Grandma wants the remote control so I give it to her and leave to hall. My mother calling on me: ĄYou are bored, donít you wish that this would by a dream?ď Iím pretty sure that this is no a dream, but I do RC anyway. It surprisingly works. I canít breath through my nose closed. My mum still calling on me something but I ignore her and go jump through the wall. I decide to fly over the city. I can fly pretty fast and I just enjoying the feeling. I see my dog on the road underneath. I land there and pick him up. You are going to fly with me! Heís not much excited but I jump in the air. We fly and then I put him on the road and want to make him super speedy. Heís running pretty fast. I give my self super speed and try to follow him. Changing my running techniques with big leaps to short and fast. I try to stop the time for my dog and catch him, but time control doesnít work. I see a river on the right. I remember I want to make some points for the competition. There are lots of stones and branches. I focus to pick up all of them. But I can handle like 30 of stuff max. Then I telekinesis big stone and throw it into river. I think that the stone will be useful so I pick him back and place it on the road. (donít know why I did this, maybe I lose little bit of lucidity). There is dark tunnel on the right. It looks scary. I try to summon a monster over the corner. Iím curious what will appear. Large black alien appears from the movie Alien vs Predator. I feel fear but I tell to myself that this is only a dream and nothing can really hurts me. I run to Alien and give my self super strenght and invulnerability to be sure. I punch him in the face with my fist. His head is mellow rubber like. Suddenly there is lots more of them. Iím fighting and punching them into face. Itís really intesive. When I kill like 20 of them I feel exhausted. They still emerging. The next ones have new equipment such a helmed and something else which stops my power on them. There is like commentary from my footbal friends. I was so busy with fight that I lose almost all of my lucidity. Fighting is like sexing, itís lucidity vacuum cleaner. When I see that I cant defeat them, I jump in the air and levitate so they can't reach me. They go into some building which I supposed to defent or what and I lose. I wake up and feeling depressed from the dream and happy that I manage to have lucid dream in the first or second REM stage in the night.

    image upload no registration

    Adventurous tavern
    I canít fall asleep over and hour of trying. I change bedroom. In the next room is warmer so it could be good. I try to fall asleep in a forest. There is a hole in the ground where Iím lying. I observe the forest. On the small hill, I see something strange. It has antlers. Suddenly it quickly run towards me. Iím scary and panicing. It is so fast that I canít do nothing. It just jumps over my body and run away. It look like mountain brown skinny mountain goat. When danger is not eminent, I do RC with my nose. Uff, itís a dream. I do some stabilization with trees and ground. I look around and the place look like some adventurous forest from The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, but real not game like. Iím happy that my mind can generate something beautiful like this, because my dreams are usually at places that exist in real and look the same, not fantasy like, so Iím thrilled. I see road to some forest city on the left. It looks like wooden mix of elvish, human and viking architecture. On the right is road to adventurous forest and ahead of me is a building. I remember that I want to drink wine and have challenge with god of wine. I go there and expect that itís a tavern. I open the door. Second door. I open the second door. There is dark and quite in there. I swich the light on. (itís electric it doesnít fit in the fantasy tavern, but Iím happy that I can see something.) There is no god of wine, but in the corner there is a tall bowl made of clay. I expect wine. I pick it up and there is some red fluid. It looks spoiled. I tell myself that itís only a dream so it doesnít matter. I drink it. I taste bad and sourly. No effect on my mind. Iím exited that I completed atleast on task and I wake up.

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