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      Talking First Lucid Dream. Also, static when it started to fade?

      I had my first LD last night. I'm guessing it was a DILD, because it was due to a reality check. Here's what I put in my "journal.txt" file:

      I think this was a lucid dream, or a dream about lucid dreaming. The scene is my house. I did a reality check,
      the breathing check, it said that this was a dream. I was starting to think I was doing something wrong w/ the breathing check, so I then tried the finger check and one of my fingers disappeared!
      Yep. I was dreaming. I get up and notice that the dream is fading (accompanied with a static-y sound similar to unplugging a speaker). I then proceed to spin
      around while yelling "STABILIZE!". Once i'm done doing that, I try to summon my cat. I do, but the cat is TINY.
      Mouse sized. I proceed to make the cat bigger, bigger than a normal cat. The cat proceeds to use the dishwasher as
      a food bowl, eating the silverware. I scold the cat, telling it to NOT eat silverware. Then I wake up.

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      Sometimes the dream starts to fade if you become lucid at the end of your dream cycle, lose focus, or if one gets too exited.
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      I wonder what the static-y sound was.

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      Congratulations on your first lucid dream! My first LD was way less exciting than that; barely lasted but 5 seconds, hahaha.
      It's interesting that your dream fading was accompanied with a static noise. When my lucid dreams start to fade, it's usually completely silent, and the dream starts feeling both dimmer and darker, almost as if all the detail is fading around me. Different for everyone, I suppose.
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