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      Question Almost an OBE and breaking out of sleep paralysis

      Over thanksgiving break I had a terrifying SP experience. I have had sp before when I have hallucinations about what's going on in the real world. For instance, I was napping with my gf and I opened my eyes and saw tears silently running down her cheeks. I tried to move my hand up to her face to wipe the tears away but I couldn't move. Eventually I 'woke up" and asked her why she was crying and if she was ok. The tears were gone and she said she wasn't crying. Pretty strange I know. Other real sp experiences are just me laying in my bed in the am not being able to move. Not really feeling afraid. Just relaxing until I can move.

      But over break I had a sp experience while I was dreaming. I was semi lucid, and here's what I could remember. I couldn't move and there was this uncomfortable feeling around me. I didn't see anything scary but it just felt wrong. Suddenly I was terrified and started screaming and screaming for someone to help me it felt like I was screaming for a very long time. That's about all I remember for that one. I woke up and remembered how strange/alien and stressful the whole situation felt like. I kept my 'eyes' closed during the sp episode bc I didn't want to see anything scary. I basically forgot about it until today.

      Yesterday was an amazing day, I felt on top of the world, was very mindful etc, enjoyed every part of my day. It was pretty nice out so I decided to try and astral project outside. I meditated for about and hour and got pretty deep into it. I could feel myself start to buzz and what not but it ended prematurely because my body started shivering because the sun was going down and it got cold. Fast Forward to exactly 24 hours later, i took a much needed nap not trying to get anything out of it. this is where shit really went down.

      I started having an sp episode while I was dreaming. Keep in mind this felt like a dream. I couldn't move and it was obviously uncomfortable. However unlike last time I didn't really feel afraid. Sure it was awkward and a little tiny bit nerving but I wasn't terrified by any means. i guess I kind of just laid their unaware that I was in sp for a little while. then I realized that my body was buzzing like it never had before. as soon as I realised that my chakras all lit up simultaneously and my face looked like one of those alex grey pieces. I could feel my soul heavily swaying in my body. I was like my body was a magnet and my soul was a magnet. my soul would sway to the right then get dragged in by the magnet and then sway to the left etc. it even started trying to roll out of my body. it felt like I was trying to roll off the bed but whenever I would get to the very edge I would get pulled back in. at some points my soul even was levitating out of my body a little.

      then at some point in the dream the obeish episode deminsided or something and I fully realised i was in sp. I wasn't really afraid like I said before but I still wanted to get out of this situation. I started screaming at myself to wake up. over and over and over again i screamed that in my head. then I started to try and move my body. it was very very difficult but I kept screaming in my head and after a very long time I was able to move my fingers on one hand. The struggle kept going and I was able to move my entire hand, then my elbow, then my entire arm. Keep in mind this was extremely difficult. It felt crippling like something was working against me the entire time. It kept going on like this for a long time and eventually I was able to get out of the paralysis completely. When I finally ripped it away from the final grasp it held on me, I felt incredible power. I ripped away from it and I could feel power radiating from my core and it was pulsating all over my body. my head was thrown back and my arms were pulled in like my entire body was flexing and I just sat there for a moment feeling this intense sense of power flush through my body. at that moment I felt like I could do anything. I then awoke feeling strong and like I accomplished something great.

      What do you guys think of this? yesterday I was thinking a lot about how much power one person has. Also how there is a piece of god in everyone and how we are all gods imo. It's all inside of us we just have to find it. Also before I tried to astral project outside i took a few moments and tried to feel the power of the sun, and the power of the sun inside myself.
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