This is only to share my experience with my fellow Dreamviewers.
i had peaked to the hereafter with lucid dreaming even though i did not visit heaven,it was probably heavenly earth..

moments after sleeping,i experienced me elavated above my bed,it was that time,i knew i was dreaming!!!.self-awareness what a fantastic moment,thanks to what ever is causing such a thrill.

instead of going to heavens,i went down spiral.just like electricity following through conductor or light travelling through space-vacuum,it was unimaginably fast. i teleported through the earthly sand,in femtosecands later,i was in a beautiful garden,i entered it smiling, it had inhabitants probably-Humans.,what amazes me what everybody was wearing white.i started to spy on them,
then moments later,i was somehow in a huge zoo,where i saw those mammoth creatures huge trunks and tusks. i started running thinking them might harm me,but realized they cant touch me.
i didnt like the place,that is when i saw 3 young boys,aged 16-18,i asked them,what is the name of this place?
one of them said "This is place is called the abode of the eternal" ,i asked them "where you guys like me or you were here eternally",now it gets weird,because they started to talk in my local language.the middle one said "i was given this kingdom 20,000 years ago."that is huge time scale,i told them,i asked them their names-they started the introduction one by one,i couldnt make out their names,it was my time and proudly announced my name and saw my self-a huge self awareness that this is indeed semi-reality.it was time to leave,one of them said,when will you meet us again and i told them involuntary on fridays.
as i was leaving,i saw this black monkey with children surrounding it,he made eye contact with me,like he recognized me or was aware of my arrival.
then wake up,the whole episode didnt last more then 7 mins.
few questions

when i started googling 20,000 years ago,bingo,the ice age-these giants probaly lived in that time scale-i didnt see ice though,so confusing.

what do you think guys,this looked surreal to me,i used to have lucid dreams in the past but this was the longest i have ever had.