My previous dream crashed when I became lucid. Coding in error was on my camera angle.

Anyway! I started outside, which by default makes me lucid due to no events happening at the time. I finally remember to try a technique that someone posted about asking other DCs about the DC that I wanted to summon, knowing that she was somewhere there and that the DCs would point her out.

I walk into a house on my childhood street, inside was MUCH larger than the outside. A TV was on and three middle eastern men were talking on the sofa, one with his back towards me and the other two facing me (Two sofas facing each other). I interrupted their conversation and explained the look of the DC that I was looking for in detail, but not as deep enough detail as I should have. The guy to my right on the sofa smiled and pointed his finger towards an area to my left (outside of my viewing angle) and BAM!

On there just in the small stairwell I see a DC that I described, but not THE DC that I was looking for. I was really happy anyway, but though there was a smile and she looked similar, it wasn't THE DC that I was really looking for. Anyhoo! Here's to progress!

Any tips on how to accurately get the DC that you wanted to summon?