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      My ultimate LUCID DREAM

      note to the readers
      i am perfectly healthy and no issues before,during and after the experience.

      I went to bed at my usual time.,talked to my self about lucid dreaming,prior to that afternoon,i read about 20 different stories about NDE experiences,anyway 30 min later I entered the dream state and was immediately aware that I was having a lucid dream.i was flying like a bird but not seeing anything,out in the space-time.
      so,i said in speed,cool,speed of light ,speed of light,i was pulled away and flung into space.all these times i was in control,then i felt worried ,i didnt want to end up in some strange place that i didnt know how to get out.i said to my self,go lower,might be fly above the cities.however the min i looked down,i see i was in the air,then,i was no longer in control,i remembered those NDE experience i was reading and before i know it,i was in a different realm,i really REALLY saw space-warp,something propels me into his Golden Castle with no doors,i was flying at tremendous relativistic speeds,almost at 10c,That is 10 times the speed of light or 3 billion m/s.
      Then I noticed the castle getting bigger as i came closer,i was in a head on collision course with this castle that looked like a speck of light few sec ago.

      i entered the place and saw that there were candles few were lit ,this being, light being started to appear before me,the entity started to turn off the candles by switching off some buttons which i didnt see clearly.with every light-candle being off,it grew darker and darker,i was worried because i didnt know how this entity will treat me,will it capture me,harm me,fear has gripped my whole existance,,the way to think about is the fear emotion starts at the tip of the heart and spreads through the whole existance of yours.it was understood-no talk-by me that i need not worry but this place is not allowed for me ,that i came here by accident,the entity surrounded it self with a force-field and pushed me at tremendous anti-gravitational force that i really felt the vibrations in the bed when i woke up.I could actually feel the loss of my muscle tone and took milli-secands to raise my hand.
      this experience didnt have an impact on me for two reasons one it was not that TENSE Except the fear part where i thought i will be mildly imprisoned for trespassing on another property.second,i already believed in GOD so i know i will be ultimately safe.
      what an experience.

      possible explanation.
      -it is probably me reading about these stories which had effect on me,Through Lucid dream i related to the NDERS.
      -The place probably exists who knows.
      what amazed me was how i needed to have peace,to be left alone by these beings.
      any tips,what to do when i see my self flying at the higher speeds through space,what should i think of?
      another experience
      I told a DC that i was dreaming and he was flabbergasted by it,he didnt believe.
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