about a month ago, i was having this dream.
in my dream, cesc fabregas is my very close friend. he is the craziest and wildest friend of me. he always have that smile and always make me laugh all the time.
so we go to some restaurant, and there is messi over there.
for i am messi fans, i ask fabregas to introduce me to messi, he is so quiet, not a single word coming out from him, and fabregas said that messi is not speakable to stranger, but if you know him, he can go crazy too.
that when i realise that i was dreaming, and i control the dream, that i met with ferguson and wenger in a bar, ask them to chose me to be the president of barcelona, and they accept it, an then i go to bank, take out 1 million dollar that i dont have, weird that the bank just gave me the money, to wire transfer ronaldo to barcelona. and then ronaldo come out of nowhere, then we talk and he agree to move to barcelona if he got messi signature. weird thing.
and then, i woke up