I am in my room, I am using a machine that can do my dream challenges. I am still not lucid. I am in my bed while doing this. I feel like I am in a deep state of sleep. When the machine activates, I feel like I'm moving, then I am my desired result.When transporting, I smelled what the place felt like. I could smell the peanut butter desserts when I said "take me to a world of peanut butter!" Then I move again and I'm back in "reality". I wake up but I relize I can't fall asleep. I remember that before I went to sleep, it was almost sunrise.It is midnight in the dream. I am lucid. I go downstairs to find Richard from TAWOG doesn't want me to fulfil my dream destiny. I run to the kitchen, to think of a plan. I think about using a syringe to numb him. I pull it out my pocket and inject with it. He cries. I wake up for real.