I remember when I became lucid in a dream I always started rushing to do things like spawn girls and have sex with them without stablizing the dream first. At the beginning of my lucid dreams I noticed if I shout in the dream "Spawn dc hot girl with tattoos!" the dream character never appeared. Maybe because my level of my lucidity was low. I realized if I looked at the ground for 30 to 60 seconds after becoming lucid my lucidity level increases giving me more dream control. That's how I mastered dream stablization. One time I looked at the ground for 30 seconds to ground myself in the dream. I noticed that the behavior of my dream characters started changing. My dreamlike characters started acting strange like lifeless dolls. I can't remember what lucidity level I was on. Another time I became lucid and looked at the ground for 60 seconds to stablize the dream. I was able to spawn dream characters right infront of my eyes. It was awesome. I guess the more time I spend looking at the ground my lucidity level increases. Next time I will do it for 90 seconds.